Nevada Legislature Approves Bill to Establish System of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Jun 04, 2013 , , ,

945039_10151405174106816_454297201_nNevada state lawmakers approved a bill Monday that will establish a state-regulated system of dispensaries to provide medical marijuana to licensed patients. It will now be transmitted to Gov. Brian Sandoval for his signature, and he has said he is open to dispensary legislation.

MPP’s Karen O’Keefe, who testified in support of the bill, was featured in a story by Reno’s Fox affiliate station:

“Nevadans with serious illnesses who are using medical marijuana under the supervision of their doctors should have a safe and legal way to obtain it,” said Karen O’Keefe, director of state policies for the Marijuana Policy Project. “We applaud the Nevada Legislature for taking action to protect patients and promote a safer and healthier state for their constituents.

“We are hopeful that Gov. Sandoval will join legislators and the voters of Nevada in supporting a system of state-regulated medical marijuana dispensaries that is long overdue,” O’Keefe said. “Regulating medical marijuana works.”

SB 374 establishes rules and regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries, infused product manufacturers, cultivation facilities, and testing facilities. In addition to standard sales taxes, medical marijuana will be subject to excise taxes of 2% on wholesale sales and 2% on retail sales, of which 75% will be directed to education and 25% will be directed toward implementing and enforcing the regulations.

Currently, patients must grow their own marijuana or have it grown for them by a physician-approved caregiver despite the constitutional amendment approved by voters in 1998 and 2000 requiring the legislature to set up a medical marijuana program that includes appropriate methods of supplying medical marijuana to qualified patients. In 2012, Clark County District Judge Donald Mosley called the state’s current system “absurd,” “ridiculous,” and unconstitutional. Apparently the legislature agreed. Let’s hope the governor will, too.

8 responses to “Nevada Legislature Approves Bill to Establish System of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries”

  1. I have been a Medical Marijuana Patient in the State of Nevada for over 5 years. I have chronically bulging l4 and l5 and a wedge fracture at t11. These conditions create severe muscle spasms that I have only been able to relieve with Medical Marijuana. According to the Nevada Constitution I am allowed to grow 7 plants for my medical needs. If my understanding of SB374 is correct and I will no longer be able to grow my own medicine I will not be able to treat my condition. It will cost me thousands of dollars per month that I do not have. How can a senate bill subordinate a constitutional amendment? It allows for 60 dispensaries in Clark County. There are about 3,000 patients in Clark County. Each Dispensary will be allowed to grow 12 plants. That means that there will be 720 plants for 3,000 patients plus the patients that come from California. I grow the 7 plants I am allowed to grow and I do not have enough now. Where is the Marijuana supposed to come from?

  2. Ben you are correct . As of 4/1/16 you can no longer grow . You will be forced to pay outrages prices for something you can grow . Plus you have to go where they approve you to go . This is NOT a good bill . It is ONLY about taxation !

  3. This BILL SUCKS !

    You need 250,000 $ in liquidity and 30,000 to register + 5000$ just to FLUSH into pockets . How much will that drive up the price ? Oh I forgot The Corporation does NOT care . It’s all Profit and Control .

    This BILL only serves the Corporation NOT the PEOPLE !

  4. Oops change that 2 gm a day . My NRS pages that I cross referenced are not updated yet . So now it’s 70gm/14days=5gms a day .

  5. Nevada governor take a good step for providing medical marijuana health to struggling patients.Rules and regulations establishes by SB 374 provides good help for medical marijuana .

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