Nebraskans are fighting to keep medical marijuana on the ballot

Aug 31, 2020

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Nebraskans are fighting to keep medical marijuana on the ballot

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Last week, Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen informed Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana that they had succeeded in collecting enough signatures to certify their constitutional medical marijuana amendment for the ballot this fall. He also dismissed opponents’ last minute request to not certify the initiative.

Now, in another desperate attempt to deny Nebraskans their constitutional right to vote on citizen-initiated ballot measures, opponents have filed a lawsuit to strip medical marijuana from the ballot. Using arguments similar to those already dismissed by the secretary of state, the lawsuit claims the measure will cause “voter confusion.”

There’s nothing confusing about the initiative, which establishes, in plain language, a constitutional right for Nebraskans with serious health conditions to legally and safely access medical marijuana with their doctor’s approval. Opponents know that if voters have an opportunity to vote, the medical marijuana amendment will become law, and that’s why they’re willing to try anything to remove it from the ballot.

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Patients and families across Nebraska have fought for years to enact a compassionate medical marijuana law, and now they’re closer than ever. Earlier this year, the campaign, with MPP’s help, overcame all odds and collected more than 120,000 signatures in the final month leading up to the deadline.

Opponents are now trying to deny all Nebraskans their fundamental right to enact laws through the initiative process. This is an attack on patients who need medical marijuana and Nebraska’s ballot initiative process. We cannot let them win.