Nebraska families are asking you to support medical cannabis legislation

Feb 24, 2021

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Take action: ask your state senator to support LB 474 to legalize medical cannabis!

Yesterday, Nebraska Families for Medical Cannabis held a powerful and emotional press conference at the State Capitol building. Parents and patients called on the Unicameral to pass LB 474, which would establish a compassionate medical cannabis program for patients like Will Gillen, who experiences multiple severe seizures every day.

Many state senators remain undecided on the issue, and your senator needs to hear from you. Please take action right now to call and email your elected official!

A committee hearing for LB 474 is currently scheduled for March 10. You can leave a supportive comment on the bill on the Nebraska Legislature’s website, which your state senator will see.

Despite the Nebraska Supreme Court’s misguided decision to remove medical cannabis from the ballot last year, these families will never stop fighting for their loved ones.

Please support them and contact your senator today.