Nebraska families and patients need you to contact your state senator about medical cannabis

Apr 15, 2021

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Nebraska families and patients need you to contact your state senator about medical cannabis

Go to to find your lawmaker and ask them to support LB 474.

Last night, I was on a Facebook Live event with Nebraskan Families for Medical Cannabis, a coalition of patients and parents of children with epilepsy who are fighting to pass a medical cannabis law in Nebraska. Hearing their stories drives home why it’s so important for every Nebraskan to contact their state senator about medical cannabis. Click below to watch the video:


These moms and patient advocates were leaders in the effort to put medical cannabis on the ballot last year, but sadly, the state Supreme Court issued a flawed ruling that prevented Nebraskans from voting on the issue. Now these families are asking you and all Nebraskans to join them in their effort to pass LB 474 — a bill that would establish a responsible system of safe, legal access to medical cannabis in Nebraska — through the state legislature.

With the vote coming up soon, lawmakers want to hear how their constituents feel about the issue. It takes less than five minutes to contact your elected representative and leave a message in support of LB 474. Go to, type in your address, and look up your state senator’s contact information. Let them know who you are, where you live, and share a quick personal story explaining why you think patients shouldn’t be criminalized for using medical cannabis.

The medical cannabis bill recently advanced out of a legislative committee, and the entire state legislature will debate the bill soon. It’s crucial that you contact your senator now before they vote. 

Make your voice heard! Please take action now and support these patients and families who deserve a compassionate medical cannabis program. 

Thank you.