Nebraska: Check out the medical cannabis voter guide

Oct 01, 2020

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Nebraska: Check out the medical cannabis voter guide

Find out if your state senate district is on the ballot and where your candidates stand on medical cannabis access.

We were devastated when the Nebraska Supreme Court removed the medical cannabis initiative from November’s ballot in a 5-2 vote.

But we’re not giving up.

While medical cannabis isn’t directly on the November ballot, 25 of the 49 seats in the Nebraska Legislature are. And only legislators will have the power to legalize medical cannabis before November 2022. If you live in an odd numbered state legislative district, your district is on the ballot! (You can look up your state legislative district here.)

Before you cast your vote, check out this voter guide from Nebraska Families 4 Medical Cannabis to see which candidate(s) will stand up for the seriously ill.

Then, if you’re eligible, make a plan to vote. Early voting begins on Monday, October 5 at county elections offices. Nebraska is also a “no excuse” absentee voting state — meaning anyone can request an absentee ballot — and some counties are sending one out to all registered voters. Alternately, voters can cast their ballots at their local polling place on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3.

Please spread the word to other compassionate Nebraskans, so that they, too, can cast informed votes.

And stay tuned for more ways to help move the issue forward. With your help, Nebraska will enact a comprehensive medical cannabis program.