N.C. Legislature reconvenes: Put compassion on the agenda

Apr 30, 2020

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N.C. Legislature reconvenes: Put compassion on the agenda

Ask your legislators to stand up for medical cannabis patients.

On Tuesday, the North Carolina General Assembly convened in Raleigh for its 2020 legislative session. But — due to the coronavirus — it will operate very differently from prior years. Only about 20% of lawmakers were present. Committee meetings will be held online, and floor votes will be staggered to allow social distancing.

While the legislature’s operations have changed to protect public health, there’s no reason it can’t do the people’s business. One of the bills awaiting action is Rep. Kelly Alexander’s medical cannabis bill — H 401.

Let your lawmakers know you want North Carolina to join the 33 other states with compassionate medical cannabis laws.

It’s simply wrong to force patients to choose between their health and abiding by state law. Medical cannabis has been shown to relieve pain, seizures, nausea, and other serious symptoms. It’s allowed thousands of patients to reduce or eliminate their use of dangerous opiate medications.

Urge the legislators who represent you to listen to the 80% of voters who support allowing this safe, effective treatment.

After you take action, please spread the word by email or social media. The more North Carolinians that raise their voices for compassion, the more elected officials will heed the call.