More Proof That Marijuana is Medicine

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The Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR), based at the University of California, San Diego, published a report today summarizing the results of clinical trials studying medical marijuana’s efficacy in treating pain. The studies, funded by CMCR under the mandate of a 1999 legislative action, found that marijuana is particularly helpful in relieving pain associated with nerve damage and in treating the muscle spasticity from multiple sclerosis.

The summary CMCR presented to the California legislature today brings together data from 15 clinical studies – six of which have been published in respectedthc-skeletal medical journals.

In 2002, then-drug czar and rabid medical marijuana opponent, John Walters said, “The Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research is currently conducting scientific studies to determine the efficacy of marijuana in treating various ailments. Until that research is concluded, however, most of what the public hears from marijuana activists is little more than a compilation of anecdotes.”

Well, the proof is in. Now it’s time for Congress to bring federal medical marijuana policy into line with the science.

The full CMCR publication can be downloaded, here.

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  1. This seems like it should be a big deal. The only problem that I foresee with this information making a difference is that the federal government won’t care. There will be some kind of lie told so that they can spin the scientific evidence and make people think it is still not medicine and should still be illegal. I am glad the science backs up all of recorded history. Good luck trying to get Congress to care about it though.

  2. The whole country knows about and approves cannabis. It is our own gov. that is keeping us down. Money and greedy polititions. There is no reason to pay someone over 100,000 to say that cannabis has no medicinal uses. In fact no one should be able to say it has no medicinal value unless you are a physician. The drug enfoucement people all went to harvord medical school so of cousre they are all better educated than everyone else. BULLSHIT, they are only against us to keep their job. It has nothing to do with truth,or science, just the dollers and the ability to take our property, our belongings, our money, our homes, our kids and sometimes, even our lives. Enough is enough.

  3. We can prove it over and over and over and over again, but that doesn’t mean anything will change. The feds will ignore the evidence as always while the war on drugs continues on.

  4. Wow, such great news. We need more “real science” around cannabis. I don’t think this is enough to get the Government to consider re-classifying cannabis off Schedule 1 status however.

  5. This is a war on the American People not a war on drugs. Over 800,000 people being arrested each year for simple possesion of a plant, turning everyday hard working americans in to criminals causing them to lose their children, their homes, their jobs and making it almost impossible to ever find employment again. Marijuana prohibition causes a major drain on our society as a whole so please people lets call this war what it is a war against Americans because anyone with the least bit of common sense knows drugs will never be erradicated from our country it is a meaningless battle which we Americans pay for with our lives.

  6. With so much proof that it is good for just about anything during the past 5000 years with zero deaths, what’s the problem? “Oh….let me get the scriptures written by prohibitionist and their anti-marijuana propaganda and the former President Nixon’s Control Substance Act of 1970……”

  7. The ball is in the FEDs court so to speak. Reading this article and the previous article on the blog it seems that only possible choice now is to reschedule marijuana from schedule 1 to 2.
    I’m really curious to see if the federal government will make any comments or take any action with this information now available from a credible scientific research.
    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  8. Well?

    Does that mean that cannabis will be removed from Schedule I?

    What Schedule should it be in for cannabis also to be legalized for recreational use?

  9. this is great news … but will oboma listen to good facts or will he take sides with the pork barrel politics of drug companies that only want to keep us adicted to there form of medications that are proven to kill more good americans ayear than medical marijauna .. i say fuck-em im smoken this shit !!! and let the drug wars rage!!!!!?maybe if we end the war on drugs maybe we could trust the government!!!,police….and D.E.A

  10. BoB @ number 7 has it right. The mega rich and powerful will not let go of thier slaves. I have been saying for a very long time…slavery never ended it just transformed. You federal taxes are your chains. You pay the federal government to keep you in chains for many many things that are NOT crimes. They keep you under boot , under control this way. Remove the blinders they have placed on you.

  11. Alex Jones does a very good job in the new video out from INFOWARS.COM titled “HOW WEED WON THE WEST”. IT TELLS IT LIKE IT IS. It”S a WAR AGAINST THE PEOPLE.

  12. Here are some rhetoric from a pill pushing non-medical doctor that I got from WebMD:

    The California center’s studies are flawed, says Joel Hay, PhD, professor of pharmaceutical economics and policy at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and a vocal critic of medical marijuana.

    “It’s not medicine,” he says of marijuana. “It would never be approved by the FDA.

    ”I certainly concede that cannabinoids may have a very valuable medical role,” he says. But the danger is in the smoking of marijuana, he says, citing health effects.

    Isolating the active ingredient is a better approach, he says, and has actually already been done. “If you want a cannabionoid, it’s here,” he says, referring to Marinol, available and FDA approved. The active ingredient is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the same as found in marijuana.

    ”Marijuana contains a huge variety of compounds, some of which have not even been thoroughly identified,” Hay tells WebMD. The studies, he says, are all short-term, with small groups.

    Another flaw, he says, is that it’s difficult to have a true placebo when studying marijuana. “People know when they are consuming a psychoactive product,” he says.

    Another flaw is that patients were allowed to continue on their pain medicine, says Kevin Weissman, PharmD, director of drug information services at Los Angeles County+University of Southern California Medical Center. That may have affected the results.

    Grant counters that it was not humane to take patients off pain medicines that were providing any degree of relief.

    Like Hay, Weissman says marijuana does have an analgesic effect. But he worries about the long-term effect of marijuana smoke and says research is needed to find a safer delivery system that works, such as vaporization.

    (Would you take a pill from this guy?)

  13. 112 caps of Marinol cost submitted by the pharmacy was $660.00, insurance paid $453.71. Got that? 112 caps!

    Marinol does not work as well as the whole plant, period.

    “Marijuana contains a huge variety of compounds, some of which have not even been thoroughly identified”
    Yes stupid doctor, that’s why the entire plant works better than a synthetic.

  14. Alcohal was allowed during prohibition with a doctors prescription. How many usses are there for alcohal medicaly? how do you find out who had prescriptions to alcohal, and what it was perscribed for?
    Anyone who believes that lawmakers are more equiped to make decisions because of thier education is in desperate need of an education.

  15. This is a good body of science and adds another tool in the development of an appropriate set of laws around marijuana. Next time somebody says that more research is needed on medical marijuana, point them to this document (or send them a copy; it’s only about 30 pages, so you can mail it for a buck or two).

    This isn’t going to be the last word, but it’s a powerful step in the right direction.

  16. Feds don’t care; nobody cares. Thats why that man ran his plane in the irs building in Austin. The government is very fucked up. You should read his letter he wrote before he crashed.

  17. The proof is out for everyone to finally see. Try and ignore ~9 million dollars and ~10 years of research. Sorry to say it but “told you so!”
    Even still today the truth is known and people are still being prosecuted and made into criminals by the people we pay to protect us! I have PTSD from my mother being murdered back in 95’when I was 17, + bipolar depression, ADHD and anxiety were going on way before that. Along with her murder still being an open case, I have a hard time even leaving my house. My wife at the age of 25 was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. My aunt suffers constantly from fibromyalgia. I’ve seen many friends and family die from cancer while suffering through chemo for no reason besides government propaganda. All conditions that is treatable by medical marijuana. Marijuana helps me to have a normal life that I have to hide form most. Please do what you can to be an advocate as much as possible and tell everyone you know that marijuana is safe for medicinal use. Iowans want medical marijuana. Some of your neighbors, friends, and even family could be suffering for no reason.

  18. ”Marijuana contains a huge variety of compounds, some of which have not even been thoroughly identified,” Hay tells WebMD. The studies, he says, are all short-term, with small groups

    LOL ya and our federal governement doesnt want us to know what these “chemicals” are , they are also afraid that it may prove to be the end of prhibition if they do so….nope we dont know nor will we til we get these crooks out of OUR government.

    Also , this “doctor” and others still dont get it…I can put in MY BODY what ever I want …whether it be alcohol , cannabis or draino ( I would suggest draino) , Its my choice no one elses. INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM , our country has forgot what that is.

  19. Id like to know how the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR) can spend ~9 million dollars and ~10 years of time and only finish 5 of the 15 studies on marijuana…talk about dragging your feet! The accounting department must be having a good laugh!

  20. Joel… I wonder if the Pharma PHd$#^ realized many people take marijuana for other reasons other than the THC. People who’s seizures are alleviated, like myself, are not eligible candidates for Marinol because it WILL CAUSE SEIZURES. People who have never reported seizures have had side-effects as such from using Marinol, if it is known you already have a seizure disorder you are not supposed to take it.

    Probably why industrial hemp’s kept under wraps just as tight, it has many medicinal properties, some higher than its female counterpart, without the high THC effects.

  21. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. It is only one of a pharmacopoeia of substances present in the natural plant that work together in a process not fully understood by scientists. Cannabis contains 421 chemical compounds. Sixty-one of these are unique to the cannabis plant.

  22. i agree with the consensus tho, until we can get congress or washington, dea, to listen, it is still going to be a difficult battle.

  23. The government really makes me mad. It doesn’t make since that marijuana, a natural plant and medicine, could be illegal when there are other “legal” drugs that kill thousands of people a day. Ciggarettes one of the worlds deadliest addictions. Hundreds of thousands of people die everyday because of smoking ciggs, how many peopl die of marijuana cases? Are ciggarettes legal for the purpose of population control? I do think so…

  24. So??? Does this mean it will get a sticker that says “This plant is concidered Medicine in the state of california” ???

    As another poster said (paraphrased) ‘What is going to keep our Gov from ignoring the evidence’ and go about thier business as usual??

  25. This is Round 2, so if you voted once already in round 1, you need to vote again for this final round. Only the top 10 win.

  26. Do NOT let Obama get ahold of Medical Marijuana. Alot of people voted for him thinking he would come into office and make Marijuana legal and guess what, he didnt. Why did he choose to stay away from the issue? He didnt know how to control it and tax it until it is no longer a good thing for people. Right now Medical Marijuana is being used under state rights and state policies and that is the way it should be. Let each state have their own way to control and sell Medical marijuana. 50 different ways is better than one Force way by the Federal Government. What has the Federal Government every controlled that benefitted the people. Please dont bring this issue to Obama anymore than it has been done. Obama gave his praise last year and said that he would not go after the dispensaries in States that allowed MM. That should have been it. Final no more asking for his blessings. All people are doing by getting his administration to make this Federally legal is setting up a painful lesson to the sick and disabled and regular users who just enjoy this natural medicine after a long day of work. Do not ask Obama for anymore. He has gave his blessing so please take his words and hopefully every state will set up their own Medical Marijuana bills and companies within the hemp industry. Building supplies, Medical supplies, and other Hemp necessaries.

  27. Medical Marijuana might be good for people who really suffer of pain but marijuana for the average guy has a horrible effect:
    It makes impotent
    It can cause a psychosis
    Like cigarettes lung cancer comes soon and stronger
    It destroys your memory
    It makes you lethargic

    Free access to marijuana means more teens will get marijuana cause it’s so cool to get high.
    Don’t we have enough problems with drugs we can already get legally?
    It seems the life of many people is so horrible that they can stand it only with marijuana.

  28. Oh,so you think teenagers already can’t get it? Don’t be naive,please. And they are in worse company usually.Talk about sad. Get real. You need to know the facts before you go spouting off about something. Not what you have heard from other naive people.

  29. Johnnyhasit, more teens will get it easier. You have to read my post without smoking marijuana at the same time.
    BTW, I provided some facts but you didn’t even try to refute them.
    Yep, marijuana makes the brain weak.
    Thank you for proving it.

  30. Jimbo… since you’ve obviously insinuated you are the one in right mind, might you cite a link or reference on where it is said marijuana causes cancer? Even articles and cooperatives that are against legalization have NEVER been able to find this correlation. Surely they could use your audacious reference to help their cause.

    Many strains, in combination with a each person’s unique response to any given substance, may make some people lethargic. Many people are not effected this way.

    If some people find problems with it they need to make personal choices whether to continue their use or not.

    Considering marijuana’s current status, I wouldn’t think you could make marijuana much “cooler” to teens than has already been presented in some fashion.

    There is a lot of great, researched information regarding the use of marijuana, I’d be happy to point you towards an academically sound source of information. You can start by looking at the DEA’s website and some of it’s decisions on marijuana. Beyond what their motivations appear to convey in recent raids, that technically are legal according to the laws they are hired to enforce, they have made inquiries and statements regarding the safety of marijuana and much more. Give it a look…

    D.A.R.E. To Learn The Truth!

  31. Jimbo,
    My point was that teenagers can get it regardless and most likely in more dangerous places. That is where your naivety comes in. And thank you Angela for clearing that up. Some people like to base their beliefs on rumors or flat out lies. Evidently Jimbo your the one with the weak mind and you don’t have nothing to blame it on. What exactly is your beef?

  32. Jimbo,
    And I will add that I haven’t smoked pot for over 5 years because of the stupid laws that make criminals out of people like me and our jobs that give us random drug test because of it. There by infringing on our rights to privacy. I could understand it if you smoked it on the job,but at my own home on my own time. I don’t think so. It’s people like you that keep perpetuating this belief and making it harder for people to get or keep jobs. And I would rather be adding to the tax rolls than be causing the taxes by locking up the most nonviolent people who smoke pot. The violent people are the people that are making the money off the fact that it is illegal and by keeping it that way people that believe like you do are supporting them. I don’t mean literally. I’m not like the people who call us terrorist because we buy it off the streets. There by helping to support terrorism. I mean people who want to make it legal because it has less side effects of the legal prescription drugs. So don’t attack me with that weak mind mentality. Look in the mirror and don’t judge people for their beliefs.

  33. Let’s get the Oregon Cannibis Tax act and make it a U.S. Cannibis Tax act and vote for it. How many signatures will that take. Let’s get started. Let’s get it on the national ballot. Don’t forget about the Million man (woman ) walk idea. Or we could just pick a date for everyone to turn out at the same time all over America. Every state represented.How about 4/20/2010 at 4:20 Who’s with me? This is America. Let’s exercise our rights as Americans.

  34. I’m with you Johnny! Let’s all do it on 4-20-2010. I also need help in Wyoming to become active locally. On 4-20 Let FWEEDOM Ring!!!

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