More Lies From Michigan

Oct 30, 2008 , ,

The opposition to Proposal 1, the Michigan medical marijuana initiative, is going on the air with this new TV ad — a spot so egregiously dishonest that even my very jaded jaw dropped when I saw it. It may set an all-time record for the most lies ever packed into a 30-second commercial, spoken by a narrator over grainy, black-and-white footage of what purports to be a medical marijuana dispensary. The most obvious:

1) California’s medical marijuana law is “just like Proposal 1.” No, it’s not. California’s law has almost none of the limitations and restrictions the Michigan proposal does — including a defined list of qualifying conditions and a mandatory patient registry and ID card system. And unlike California’s law, Michigan’s initiative does not authorize dispensaries. Period.

2) “Hundreds of pot-smoking clubs opened in strip malls all over the state. They grow pot there. They smoke it there. In every neighborhood.” Even if this had the slightest relevance to Michigan (which it doesn’t — see above), the statement is just plain false. I say this with some certainty, since I live in San Francisco, perhaps the most medical marijuana friendly city in the state. California dispensaries are not in every neighborhood: Most communities have none at all, while others have strictly regulated where they can locate. Many do not allow smoking on site, and almost none grow on site.

I happen to think medical marijuana dispensaries — when appropriately regulated and well run — are a perfectly fine thing, but they are simply irrelevant to the Michigan debate. But the opponents know the facts won’t help them, so in desperation they resort to shameless lies.

Please take a second to learn the truth about Proposal 1 and how you can help.

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  1. This is so crazy just like the media talking about a guard getting shot in front of a despensary; what about conveinant stores they get robed and people get shot all the time and they remain open. Cops need to quit worring about weed and focus on the real crimes and stop making things sound really worse than they are.

  2. Like Bruce, I too live in California. I live in Solano county, about 35 miles north of San Francisco and, in fact, there are no dispensaries recognized in the entire county. In fact, the county has never even issued ID cards, as required under state law. The No on 1 folks are liars and they will lose on Election Day, as they always do.

  3. The person who posted the vid disabled comments so that people who supported proposal one couldn’t tell others the real truth.

  4. “Cops need to quit worring about weed and focus on the real crimes and stop making things sound really worse than they are.”

    well, that would directly go against the pot fear propganda that started this whole mess. I was so happy to hear that MI Medical Marijuana passed tonight. I also found we ohioan are doing the same thing. I told everyone, one MI passes the bill, i will do this for a petition drive in ohio, but, someone beat me to the punch

  5. I also live in Michigan and I am luck enough to not have seen this ad. I think that people need to stop worrying about the legalization of marijuana for MEDICAL use, and start worrying about Heroin, Crack, Coccaine, Crystal Meth, Murders and anything else that is killing people. Tell me, has anyone EVER overdosed on Marijuana?? I think Not!

  6. You know, Im from michigan. and I truly agree that the prop. 1 should include dispensaries like California. Has pot ever killed anyone? Now has coccaine? Meth? Heroine? I mean come on. back in the 70’s the pigs were smokin ganja too. we need help.

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