MN Health Committee Defers Vote Until Legislature Returns From Recess

Apr 15, 2014

Minnesota, MN, Scott Dibble, Senate Committee on Health Human Services and Housing, SF 1641, St. Paul

[caption id="attachment_7533" align="alignright" width="194"]61Dibble Sen. Scott Dibble[/caption]

Last Thursday, the Minnesota Senate Committee on Health, Human Services and Housing took testimony on SF 1641, compassionate medical marijuana legislation introduced by Sen. Scott Dibble. Unfortunately, the hearing ran long, so the committee tabled the vote until they reconvene following this week’s spring recess.

Lawmakers will return to St. Paul on April 22, and they could remain in session as little as a few days before ending their work for the year. Medical marijuana legislation is overwhelmingly supported by the public and championed by a diverse and bipartisan group of lawmakers. Just yesterday, Maryland became the 21st state with an effective medical marijuana law.

The medical marijuana bill will need to move quickly once lawmakers return from the break.