Miss. Senate passes medical cannabis, on to the House!

Jan 13, 2022

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Miss. Senate passes medical cannabis, on to the House!

Ask your state rep. to vote “yes” on the medical cannabis bill.

Great news! This afternoon, the Mississippi Senate voted 47-5 to restore a medical cannabis law to the Magnolia State. Now, the bill heads to the House of Representatives, where it is expected to come up in committee as soon as next week.

Ask your state representative to restore the will of voters!

More than a year after Mississippi voters overwhelmingly approved an initiative to legalize medical cannabis, the Magnolia State remains one of only 14 states with no effective medical cannabis law. Due to a technicality that overturned Initiative 65 (as well as the entire ballot initiative process), the patients of Mississippi are continuing to suffer needlessly.

Legislators crafted a compromise bill in anticipation that Gov. Tate Reeves (R) would call a special session of the legislature last fall. But the governor never called a special session. There is a possibility that some legislators are getting cold feet and may not want to pass a medical bill or pass one that is so restrictive that it does not resemble I-65 at all. SB 2095 is the best legislation to accomplish the goal of medical cannabis in Mississippi. Click here for our bill summary.

Reach out to your state rep. right now to let them know you want an effective medical cannabis program. 
Without hearing from YOU (and your family and friends), the House may choose to not pass a medical bill to alleviate the suffering of patients in Mississippi. Please continue to make your voices heard!