Minn.: Calling healthcare professionals and patients!

Jul 14, 2020

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Minn.: Calling healthcare professionals and patients!

Share your story to help add ADHD, insomnia, and anxiety to Minnesota's medical cannabis program!

The Minnesota medical cannabis program is once again accepting petitions to add new qualifying medical conditions. This year, our allies at Sensible Minnesota — in partnership with MinnMed — are petitioning to add ADHD, insomnia, and anxiety.

Letters of support from healthcare professionals; individuals with ADHD, insomnia, or anxiety; and parents or guardians of minors with these conditions are needed! If you fall into one of these categories, share your perspective with our allies at Sensible Minnesota by sending them an email here. Sensible Minnesota will be submitting these letters of support along with the petition.

When Minnesota’s medical cannabis law passed in 2014, its list of qualifying conditions was among the most restrictive in the country — leaving behind huge numbers of patients. But, through several petitions, the program has expanded, allowing tens of thousands of additional patients to qualify. On August 1, chronic pain will be added to the program, thanks to last year’s petition that Sensible Minnesota spearheaded. In prior years, PTSD, intractable pain, autism, and obstructive sleep apnea were added by the health department.

Please forward this message to any of your friends, family, doctors, nurses, or others who may be interested in helping out. The deadline to submit petitions is July 31, so the clock is ticking! Act now to help expand Minnesota’s medical cannabis program.