Michigan Medical Marijuana Campaign on TV

Oct 22, 2008 , ,

The Michigan Coalition for Compassionate Care, the committee backing Proposal 1 on the state’s November ballot, has gone on the air with its first TV spots. One commercial features George Wagoner, M.D., whose wife Beverly died of ovarian cancer in 2007. The other features Deb Brink, a registered nurse and four-time cancer survivor.

The initiative has been endorsed by many of the state’s leading newspapers, including the Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, and Lansing State Journal. MCCC has assembled a collection of recent news clips, including the endorsements.


3 responses to “Michigan Medical Marijuana Campaign on TV”

  1. I read somewhere that about 50,000 people in Michigan could be helped by medical mj.

    The opposition keeps talking about possible misuse/diversion, and a wrong message. If that was the guiding force for policy, there’d certainly be no schedule II or III medicines being prescribed.

    Not my point though.

    I wonder what etheral number of people have to be adversely impacted by something to justify the suffering of 50,000 people.
    Do we let 50,000 people suffer if 50 people might get and smoke a little pot? Oh the horror!! What about 100 people? Wow. If 100 people start smoking pot, that’s got to be reason enough to let 50,000 people suffer, no? C’mon – pot’s as bad as crack or heroin isn’t it? Such an awful drug. Well, NO it’s not.

    How about 500 people? If we can really justify such a number, even though in the 12 States that have approved medipot, data says that hasn’t happened, does that many people smoking a little pot merit not letting 50,000 have it?

    What’s that magic number that we can say has to be reached in order to deny 50,000 people a proven and safe medicine?

    The same argument can be made for decrim. Is pot really so bad that we have to spend BILLIONS of dollars a year to arrest and punish almost 1,000,000 in order to stop some people from possibly starting to smoke it? NO.

    As for the dosing crap, someone simply takes a hit of pot, as most do, and then see its effect. Every new batch/bag of pot is tested the same way by all users who almost immediately learn the proper dose. There’s the one-hit sh#!, two-hit sh#!, etc. Dosing is EASY.

    In my 45 years, I’ve learned that some people just hate pot and pot smokers. In my teen years, bubba-the-beer-drinkers would try to beat up my friends and I, not seeing that their alcohol use was just as bad ( or worse ) or seeing that their violence from the booze was a REAL crime.

    Well, now there are still those that for whatever reason hate pot, and that’s their right, but they have no right to let their bias cause people to suffer.

  2. i think alot of people overall have come around somewhat but not enough to have the majority.
    personally i’m moving to Nevada where medicinal is allowed by the state but i won’t get the lisence even though i quallify because i’m afraid of being on the FBI hit list of whose going to get their door kicked in.
    I’ll just not get the lisence and if i get popt i’ll hopfully not get charged higher than the state level and take my medical records to court and use medical as a defense and explain why i didn’t get the lisence. and is it just me or is it a violation of my doctor pationt confediniallity rights to need to get a state or any other lisence for what a doctor prescribes me?

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