Medical Marijuana on the March

Mar 05, 2009 , ,

Has the dam finally broken on medical marijuana? It sure seems like efforts to protect medical marijuana patients are on the march across the U.S.

In Illinois, where medical marijuana legislation has failed to pass for several years running, this year’s bill just got out of committee in the state House of Representatives for the first time ever. Medical marijuana bills are also steadily advancing in Minnesota and New Jersey.

Meanwhile, in Rhode Island, which has had a medical marijuana law since 2006, legislators are looking seriously at expanding the law to allow patients to obtain their medicine from licensed dispensaries, called “compassion centers” — and the proposal is proving remarkably uncontroversial.

Why so much progress now? Maybe it was the massive, 63% “yes” vote for medical marijuana in Michigan last November. Maybe it was the blessed sanity of the Obama administration saying it will stop raiding medical marijuana patients and providers who are following state law. Or maybe it’s just science, compassion, and common sense finally winning out over ideology and superstition.

Whatever it is, we’ll take it.

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  1. I’ll say it again, let’s set a day aside in rememberance of our God, President Obama and yes folks, all the Congressmen and Senators who have done a lot to assist us and in finally passing Bills and making changes just as President Obama said. The month of February is Black History Month and that Policy truly took affect beyond belief to many during Feb. 2009. Now, somebody suggest a date and I’ll do the rest.

    MPP, L.E.A.P., NORML, Veterans For Safe Access

  2. Good job lawmakers. I certainly will support it all the way. Medical issues with costly medicines will be replaced with a harmless plant. Amazing its taken this long. Wisen up everybody. Non-toxic unlike other legal things!!! Please support national de-crimilization also..

  3. I would like to ask everyone to contact a Texas State Representative about supporting House Bill 902, which seeks to amend minor marijuana possession penalties to a maximum fine of $500, but no jail time. I’m writing every day because this is very important to me, I love my culture and I will never give up hope for sensible marijuana policies. Thank you

  4. Hooray for science, compassion, and common sense! SCACS.

    Although the east coast just got blasted with cold and snow, where I live I see tulip bulbs popping up. Ironic since the crocus are still dormant.

    Something’s thawing.

  5. My dad, a Minnesotan, could really use medical cannabis. Unless he has a law saying it’s okay, though, he’ll never use it. Please let that bill pass and quickly.

  6. “friendly wager on which state will be next?”

    Not Pennsylvania. We always seem to be behind NJ, NY, DE, and MD. (We were the last to get no smoking laws among these states.)

    It’s that damn redneck center of the state. I’ve heard PA described as Pittsburgh on the left, Philadelphia on the right, and West Virginia in the middle.

  7. I will never understand people like “Behind in PA” who want to ban tobacco, but let people be free to smoke marijuana. Evidentally, these people really don’t believe in Freedom for everyone, only for themselves. Pathetic little people I tell you…

  8. I don’t want to ban tobacco. I want to be able to go out into public without being forced to inhale somebody else’s cigarette smoke. My wife has lung disease (part of an auto-immune disease, not due to anything inhaled), and tobacco smoke actually causes her physical chest pain.

    The problem with some cigarette smokers is that they don’t just want to smoke, they demand that everybody tolerate the stank they put out. BIG difference.

    That’s why I’m a proponent of medical marijuana, but I wouldn’t back a law to allow smoking it in bars and restaurants.

  9. I don’t want to ba sick people. I want to be able to go out into public without being forced to accomodate somebody else’s frailties.

    The problem with some sick people is that they don’t just want to abstain from smoking, they demand that everbody accomodate the sickest and most diseased among us — people who should stay home to begin with. BIG difference.

  10. You live in Ca, right?

    Don’t you breathe massive amounts of Carbon Monoxide? Hell, in any any city you get that.

    I understand (and support) banning smoking in indoor public places, but outside?

    I think the health benefits of that kind of legislation are practically nonexistent, seeing as you’re already breathing in massive amounts of toxic chemicals every day.

    No, I think you just personally dislike smokers, which I think is kind of a BS reason to push legislation.

    It’s that kind of thing that led to MJ prohibition in the first place.

  11. hey! behind in PA…West Virginia has the alcohol and tobacco lobby to contend with, we’ll be the last to have an opportunity for reform or medical marijuana, besides that, Congressman Rahall assures me marijuana is a gateway drug, but he hopes everyone forgets his drunk driving arrest.

  12. It appears we all started the party a little too soon. In todays L.A. Time is a report that the US Atty has told his people to start investigating, arresting, and trying Medical Marijuana cases once again. Sully has linked to this blog and is now misinforming millions of Americans the Holder had lightened up. Was it all too good to be true ? Only time will tell.

  13. Lets not forget to add that every single county in Michigan, majority voted yes to our medical marijuana laws.

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