Medical Marijuana Lab Raided by DEA

Jan 29, 2010 , ,

On Wednesday, DEA agents raided Full Spectrum Laboratories, a lab in Denver, Colorado, that tests medical marijuana for dispensaries. Bob Winnicki, president of the lab, said the DEA issued a subpoena requesting that it turn over customer and patient records from the past six months. Winnicki said he wasn’t charged with a crime, but agents seized about $10,000 worth of marijuana, some of which was going to be made into capsules for people with multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Winnicki said his operation isn’t a dispensary, but rather a lab that tests marijuana for mold, fungus and pesticides, and tests the effectiveness of different strains of marijuana for treating various ailments for dispensaries and patients. He said he applied for a DEA license back in October to use standards needed to test the marijuana, but didn’t hear from them until Wednesday.

Though the circumstances involved are still unclear, there is no doubt that federal law enforcement agents have bigger fish to fry. While this company was trying to ensure that medical marijuana—the use of which has been sanctioned by the Obama administration—is safe for patients, Mexican drug cartels are operating in 230 cities across the country. If the DEA truly cares about public safety, this is the last place they should be spending their time—and a single dollar spent on any kind of prosecution of these individuals would be one of the most egregious misuses of government resources imaginable.

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  1. When will the government just learn. It’s so depressing. On the other hand it’s good to see progress and differences being made.

  2. So, they’re collecting records of people who use medical marijuana then. I guess they wanna know who to raid next, so as to keep their source of extra income rolling in.

    Good job, Obama!

  3. so depressing. 14 states have passed the law. Obama says its ok. and we are raiding not even a dispensery… but a research center. When is this nonsense going to end? Everyone has to come out and vote in November to legalize. They better do some non biased informative specials on tv to help convince the older generation, and the brainwashed church people to see the benifits of legalization

  4. The DEA are our country’s new “Redcoats”.
    You can only poke an animal in it’s cage for so long, until it mauls you, or dies trying.

  5. This is absurd, I’m not a violent guy, but man do I want to slap the DEA in the face. Good news is there was a Medical Marijuana lab that conducted research making sure that marijuana is a safe drug to smoke. AHH, really though DEA you’re the only reason I get upset these days.

  6. That is the real ?, If the DEA truly cares about public safety? Mr. Gardinier, you look like a young pup, study the history of the DEA and the USG. THEY DON’T CARE. Now move on. #2, 3, 4 & 5 knows what the fuck is going on.
    Peace brothers and sisters.

  7. DEA

    Why can’t you leave good enough alone? Honestly, I thought all government employees had to take an oath to defend the US Constitution. Yet, you continually throw it into the burn barrell. Why don’t you leave people alone? What a person puts into their own body is none of anyone’s damn business, least of all yours. If people are sick, and especially dying, let them smoke whatever helps them feel better. You are too narrowminded to consider that it doesn’t matter whether it actually helps anything or not – the dying individual who uses this vegetable will attest that it does. This plant does not meet the criteria of a schedule one substance on ANY of the three rerquirements.

    -It has yet to claim a single life in all of the six plus thousand years it has been used, therefore it is not dangerous.

    -It has been legalized for medical purposes in 14 of the 50 states, with living proof that it does help fight multiple illnesses, right along with well documented medical uses reaching back several millinea. Therefore it has a very accepted medical value. Not from the perspective of yourselves or the FDA in the past 73 years, but from around the world for eons.

    -Common sense tells one that use does not equal abuse. It is a highly non-addictive substance, with withdrawl symptoms being extremely small, if they are even there at all – therefore, there is a minimal, not high, potential for abuse.

    When are you going to learn that you are chasing an unattainable goal? Moreover, when are you going to learn that you are wasting billions of US dollars in taxpayer money annually, in order to imorrally destroy lives, and to fatten the pockets of gangs and drug cartels? Our great nation has a drug problem, indeed. That I can agree with you on. However, the problems are not from the drugs themselves, but from their prohibition.

  8. This is just the first step in a gov ran business. They get info on all growers and patients. Now they sell to the patients after taking the growers weed. This is socialism at it’s finest. Obama already knows about this and it is probably his idea.

  9. The Feds are henchmen for Wall Street and the “approved” products they peddle. No action could make their role more clear than going after an agency which works to insure medical cannabis safety. The Federal Government has moved about as far away from “by the people, for the people” as they can. I am disgusted by “our” government more and more every day. How disingenuous of them. So often, the opponents of medical marijuana state there aren’t adequate tests and controls. Having companies do just that is another threat to their control of the marketplace, and they must eradicate SCIENCE from the equation if anyone is to believe their reefer madness claims of how “dangerous” cannabis supposedly is and how there are means to control potency, safety, etc.

  10. I sincerely doubt this has anything at all to do with socialism. Must be some pretty good stuff at 4:20 for you…;>)

    However, it is a VERY clear-cut violation of the federal government’s commitment to stay out of hassling those who are working strictly in the area of assisting patients to get medical cannabis. In no way, shape, or form can what was going on in this lab be twisted into something that had anything to do with anything but serving patients.

    With very few exceptions, no one in the commercial trade could care less about mold, fungus, or other contaminants, let alone testing for traits that ensure specific effectiveness for treating certain health conditions. This work is all related to medical use.

    It’s just one more broken promise from the Obama Administration. Shame.

  11. Hey Folks ..If you havent noticed…the DEAth doesnt care.

    Pres Obummer said not to raid despinseries…so what do they those that SUPPORT despenseries. They went right around what the the pres said.

    Put it this way.. You tell a kid he cant touch the cookie jar or cookies, so what does he do, put on gloves and eat them any way.

    The DEAth are still raiding the dispenseries, just in and indirct way.

  12. People need to know…We as states..can through out our laws that comply with federal laws. thats the beauty of our constitution folks. Fedral laws and government is nothing without our support (states). We give them power , if so desired , we can just as easily take that power away. Just think about it. where do they get their funds to operate? US, via tax laws. If all states ignored tax laws , they would stop functioning. That just one example . The same can happen with prohibition. They can’t arrest everyone under their federal law , they dont have the funds ,man power or space. Nor would the states react well to OUR laws being violated.

    I just have one question for our federal government…At what point will you give in and just remove the prohibition on cannabis and work with us, WE THE PEOPLE, on something much more sensablie than ruin our people..our country…?

    You in the federal government know all too well…the only ones making money off drugs are the drug dealers/cartels/terrorists…and yes…law enforcesment and those connected with law enforcement. The rest of the country is paying the price of your profits.

    The people are learning real fast , seeing your hypocrasy . Federal government..Do you want to be respected by the people or do you want to FEAR the people? The choice is yours…We CAN make you impotent

  13. Its QUICKLY becoming political suicide NOT to support drug law reform. Its only going to take ONE state to ignore federal law, then the dominos will fall hard and fast.

  14. It must really suck to work for the DEA. By this, I mean they are not really very good at their own job. There’s more cannabis in the US then they could ever hope to get their hands on. The DEA can’t even keep any drugs out of prisons for Christ’s sake! This much be must easier for them then actually doing investigative work and risking interacting with dangerous cartel’s.

    Shooting fish in a barrel.

  15. Many people seem to think that DEA officials are idiots. Well I’m here to tell you that they are definitely not stupid. This is similar to the California man who was busted with all that marijuana and they said he should have been in the mountains. Or mark emery, the Canadian man who the DEA wants to extradite. This was a raid on a lab. not a grow op or even a place that sells marijuana. They even applied for a license to test it to show it’s safe. I’m sure that the moment they applied they were investigated for this very moment. The DEA will tolerate those who are off the grid, but if you try to draw attention to this issue if you slip up you will be sorry. A lab would prove that their policy is nonsense and they don’t want that to happen. They have made numerous statements saying that marijuana has no medical value and this would prove them wrong. also their budget would be cut by i would think 50% they may not conciously realize it but they don’t want safe streets. If we had a 1 to 3% crime rate then a lot of people would lose jobs. and more important to them, they would lose face. the public would blame them for 60+ years of imprisonment and lost lives. so they want to stop legalization as much as possible. because then, in hindsight we’ll look back and think. if they were lying about this, then what else are they lying about? we live in a draconian nation and the only reason it works is because we are told that we must protect our children. we must stop criminals! but when the illusion falls the people in power will have to be accountable, and they will be in prison. sorry for the length, hasta!

  16. The DEA is really out of control. Sadly I don’t think the President will take much action on this outside of citing the guidelines AG Holder wrote about leaving the states that legal medical cannabis alone. Has to much of a full plate with passing a jobs bill and a Healthcare bill to open up another front at the moment. Though don’t get me wrong I still think he should but its obvious he agrees with the states he just doesn’t want to put the political capital in of raining in the DEA and dealing with the “soft on crime” crap argument.

  17. I’m curious, what were the charges brought up against this lab or how was it justified?
    If Obama clearly stated that the FEDs will stay out of marijuana regulation as long as the facilities operate under the state law, so then what the hell?
    Also it seems that marijuana really wasnt the reason for this raid, the articly clearly states that the subpoena was for the patient and caregiver records not for the marijuana being tested at the facility.
    This is a perfect example of how government just keep messing with people for reasons known only to them.
    Our government is the real criminals and DEA is nothing more than an out of control mob.
    Marijuana will be legalized sooner or later, and for now screw the laws that dont work.
    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  18. This is all happening on obama’s watch. So much for change we believe in. He is doing nothing for the cannabis community. Oh well, he won’t be getting my vote. And i live in a state that is key to winning the election, i’d think he would at least try to end the madness.

  19. Yeah, just another promise broken by this “golden child” joke of a president. I tried telling people about him, but no, “hr’s different” is all I would hear. I would reply, “Different – I know. The socialist type of different.” When he was saying “change” I knew what kind of change he was talking about. Every single person who voted for him needs to write him, and demand an answer as to why this happened. The DEA did nothing but break constituional law by barging in and demanding these names. The only way they could possibly justify their actions, is to show proof that they had information ahead of time that crimes were being carried out by either the lab or the customers.

  20. #17, I don’t get the last part of your statement “sorry for the length”. Dude it was so righteous and right on. If anything it was to short in length. Here is what the f I think on the issue. The DEA is protecting one of its benefactors the BIG PHARMA. If this lab were to ” perfect” what strain of Sativa, Indica or Ruderalis strain or cross strains of the 3 known genotypes is best for what specific medical purpose/disease/ailment etc… Big Pharma would be in big trouble. Right now we don’t know enough of the specifics of this wonderful plant. Take Rick Simpson’s Oil for example. There are so many variables to this immense puzzle. Big Pharma doesn’t want it to be figured out and put together. Another issue is just eating the plant straight from the plant. I believe we will find this is how it was meant to be taken, that way it also contributes to giving us roughage in our diets. I am not into trying to make synthetic compounds that match what is already there. What is the point in that? Just to prove you can do it. No, the only possible reason would be profit, greed, control.
    That’s the way I see it. Oh yeah, they USG probably doesn’t want the lab to interfere with there U.S. patents on the cannibinoids. This GOVT. is so f in see thru its pathetic. Why they haven’t been reined in by the people by now I don’t know. They should have fallen from grace or flat on their face, by now. I don’t know what the hold up is. The deceit is deep.
    Peace Bruddahs and Sistas

  21. #25, Yeah I agree with you John McCain and Sarah Palin would have told the DEA to stop messin with MMJ. I want what your smokin. R U 4 Real. I’m thinking Dicatatorial Leadership the likes of which we have never seen yet. I would rather have George Bush and Nancy Reagan in power. NOT REALLY. ALaskans know Sarah, and she’s an extremist and she’s in it for Sarah. Think Book Tour. She got a state trooper fired who use to be married to her sister. She is evil.
    Peace bruddahs and sistas

  22. #25 You realize that by our standards the Netherlands is quite Socialist and they don’t give two shits about people smoking cannabis.

  23. This is clearly a sign that marijuana laws passed by the citizens of America don’t mean a thing. Legislators bend to re-make the laws as passed by their constituents (as seen in Michigan). This is seen as pathetic and a deliberate sign of dictatorship.

    You cannot trust our government when it comes to marijuana whether legal or illegal.

    The Federal government if bought and paid through special interests and corporations. The citizens who die for our freedoms and run this country from the ground up, do not mean a thing and either does our vote… this was apparent in the election before last too.

  24. im at the bottom so no1 will read this. but, people are always sayin “why is the gov. so stupid” blah blah blah. THEY NEED IT ILLIGAL!!! if theres no1 to arrest there not doin there job, so they pick on the little guy

  25. oh gosh, this is EXACTLY what Ive wanted in California…its a free for all, you walk into a shop and the strain that relieves your ailment is also their most expensive…then it DOESNT relieve your ailment, and you must go back….Its a SHADY business, and it STINKS that the dea goes in there, takes the records of real true patients, and now has their information…

    come to california, PLEASE, regulate this terrible doctor rec market where 90 percent who have one dont need one….but if you do come, shred our records when the dea shows up!

  26. you can still have child protective services called on you if another parent knows you have a medical rec in california….they will come out for it….would they for cig smoking? no…shocking? no…

  27. The laws against marijunana use are constitutionally unsound.
    As a therapist. Who has treated substance abusers of all kinds, our marijuana policies

    only benefit two groups, crimnals and law enforcement. Luckily for law enforcemt marijuana users are basicallynon-violent and the only laws break are using an plant hat human kind has nurtured. As an exersise in group substanc

  28. M. When they come to your home and take whatever they want because you use cannabis, then you can doubt what I said. I lived through it. The gov is loosing control of a non controlable thing. They will and have killed inocent people just for their own rewards. So M, while you are waiting for the dea or task force to come and take away your stash and personal items,think to yourself, Is this the beginning of socialism or are they looking out to protect me from myself?

  29. You’re right about Obummers appointment of Michele Leonhart Mark. First we’re laughed at in the Town Hall meeting, now we’ve been slapped in the face with her appointment.

    The DEA ‘don’t raid memo’ was and is a farce.

    Remember the saying:
    fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

  30. Msg to DEA. You are a disgrace. Your tactics are very similar to the SS in WW2. You have sold your souls. I see the day most DEA agents will be horrified at how the citizen will view thier acts of terror against the people. Shame on you

  31. Clarence,
    Already been there, done that — or should I say – had that done to me. The whole jack-booted thug thing. The only thing they were doing is protecting the profits of BIG PHARMA. I guarantee you, I am personally quite familiar with socialism and what happened to me wasn’t that. Don’t confuse the issue. It was _facism_, pure and simple, because that’s what it’s called when the state acts in the interests of protecting corporations and their profits.

  32. Dr.Green Wrote “so depressing. 14 states have passed the law. Obama says its ok. and we are raiding not even a dispensery… but a research center. When is this nonsense going to end? Everyone has to come out and vote in November to legalize. They better do some non biased informative specials on tv to help convince the older generation, and the brainwashed church people to see the benifits of legalization”

    There was one made by a very respectable reporter years ago and no one listened. Its tiring and destructive how long this has gone on.

    Here is a link: Walter Cronkite

  33. Holy Smokes. Did they come in playing with their tanks, batting arms, AR/16 drawn, and flash gernades on this one? Seems like every time they ,DEA or Narcartics task force, make a bust the “police state” display of power over the people with all the heavy armed tacticle equipment just goes to show the reason for the constitution and BOR’s.
    Long live the King. He is wearing no clothes. Hail the sow that feeds the little suckling piglets.

    Potland, OR

  34. Bit off topic but relevent to the fight we are all in here.

    Heres a link to the Continental Congress’09′.
    There You will find speakers on topics of our first and second amendment rights, speaking on how and why gun control and the war on drugs are relevent to it and how you can return libert to our nation.

    There you will also find a videos called:

    No guns for negroes , byRalph Conner
    Drug wars and immigration
    Shadow government

    You will also find a speaker(Jeffery Dickstein) on the 16th amendment and how it is un constitutional. Would you like a 30% raise on your pay? Watch it.
    ..And many more.

    If you arent already educating you self on how to return inner cities to safty and reclaim liberty to our nation…please start..its up to us..our leaders are not going to do it.

    These many seem boring and long but, they are very important videos to watch if we want to win.
    Only we the people can change thier minds, apathy wont work anymore.

    Knowledge is power..give your self the power.

    Warning , some video in this film is VERY distrubing.

  35. Personally i dont think they really cared about the patient records and such. I think it was more of an excuse. For them to raid a quality control lab, it makes me think of two things. #1 they probably do not want people to see that it can easily be controlled as far as quality and safety and #2 quality control of anything we put in our bodies, especially medicines is normally done by the FDA and maybe they are trying to make sure that they dont lose out on their control over that. If it is going to be legal at some point i would assume that government wants to control it in every aspect for many different reasons, also if people can get away with inspecting products of this nature without the government it sets presidense for other things to be inspected by companies instead of the FDA. Who knows though i guess.

  36. The DEA needs a good enema to wash out the old crap! LOL. Time we all stand as a nation of free people and raid the damn DEA! Take their records of employees and business associates and give them a proper shake down. Whet they are doing is wrong on so many levels. Stealing, destruction of property, personal information of patients being confiscated and being read and used for who knows what, loss of time and money for the employees, + if it was a violent raid, the people involved could have mental issues. The DEA needs a good enema to wash out the old crap! LOL.
    This reminds me of the bully that took my lunch sack at school and everyone watched him eat it, but did nothing. Not even when I told the teacher.
    The DEA—>What Punks Seriously! Glad I have a family or I’d be rogue by now…lucky for the DEA I guess lol
    It is hard to grasp we are all paying these people our hard earned money.


  37. for years the feds have listed marijuana as a hallucinagenic drug. (I want to know to know what they were smoking, I have never had any effects like that in over 30 yrs of experience. )however it is legal to sell chantix to help you quit tobacco and it states right on tv that if you experience hallucinations to notify your doctor. what is the difference. the problem is 90% of politicians are anal retentive and also suffer from anal glaucoma unless there pockets are lined.

  38. Holy Smokes! Jack Boot thugs from the Nazi Party in the US Federal Government DEA. Bad Policy! Bad Policy! This whole picture of pot prohibition is MORONIC. It’s got to stop Mr. O. Where are your balls? In the Mrs. purse?


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