Medical Marijuana in Israel and Germany

Feb 18, 2009 , ,

Many people are at least vaguely aware that government-sanctioned medical marijuana programs exist in Canada and the Netherlands. But few Americans are aware that another of America’s strongest allies, Israel, also has a national medical marijuana program. And, according to a translation posted by MAPS of a recent article in the Israeli newspaper Maariv, that program is growing.

Three hundred patients are now enrolled, representing a 1,400% increase in new permissions to use medical marijuana in the last two years, according to the paper. Strikingly, the program includes not only the obvious indications like neuropathic pain or nausea and vomiting related to treatments for cancer or HIV/AIDS, but conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder that are often not included in U.S. medical marijuana laws, though there is reason to believe that marijuana may be helpful for at least some PTSD patients.

Meanwhile, seven German patients recently became the first in their country to receive whole marijuana for medical use with government approval. As the rest of the world starts to enter the 21st century on this issue, will the U.S. continue to be stuck in 1937?


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  1. i had no clue about this!!! are we really this selfish? it just bewilders me man, we can’t just take some ‘advice’ from our strongest allies and learn from this. what the hell?!

  2. A comment I found on the High Times website after this article..

    Doppy Donna

    Feb 17 2009, 7:32 am
    Nick Shapiro, HAS LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG. From inside sources at the big white house, it’s in the making.
    From reliable connections, the word is: THE DRUG REFORM ACT of 2k9 will legalize Marijuana in every state. I wasn’t suppose to exploit the fact, but it’s being writen behind close doors and will be completed within the next few months. They are trying to have the bill ready before the 4th of July,***IT’S HISTORY IN THE MAKING***
    It’s being done to put all those unemployed Americans to work and the taxes from it will be used to provide all Americans FREE health insurance, So tell all your pothead friends to write their congressman/woman and THANK them for saving us all from the wrath of the DEA. The war is over and our president has saved the day again. Just be patient and get those letters out to your representives in Washington D.C. Let them know that it’s HIGH time they did something right for the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    This is a FACT, not bullshit, it’s for real. THANK YOU,
    Mr. President, we the people will make sure you get re-elected next term. Thanks to people like, Lois Capps, for a job well done.
    THANK YA, THANK YA, THANK YA. It’s about time!

  3. Special thanks to the media and Israeli news for educating the public via country approved marijuana programs. The United States should copy this good example of assistance and not punishment in the act of saving ones life from things like cancer. Hemp Oil is a known cure for cancer and I’m constantly in touch with my legislators here in Tennessee and my Congressman tells me there’s a debate from passing Bills on the issue of medicinal use of marijuana prescribed by a licensed doctor. If all goes well Tennessee will be the 14th State to pass Bills SB 209 and HB 386 for hemp medicine legalization. This will save Tennesseans travel money and being away from home to get proper life saving medicines without fear of being jailed. Activist, please spread the word in Tennessee, vote for hemp medicines, the vote is coming but when???

  4. From what I hear the quality of herb the US officially doles out is worse than brick.

    Any comments on the quality of what Israel is dispensing?

    I can’t say I need much convincing about the Germans, what with their reputation for quality, efficiency, and engineering to the best of their abilities. 🙂

    With regard to the Middle East, maybe this is the calumet folks have been waiting for?

    Maybe this news will also have some sway over the Hyper Conservative Congregation and the Holier-Than-Thou Congregation?

    In the Israeli story, I like the part about how they give it away for free, however the costs given for growing it seem very high.

    Hmm… German article… “Tourette’s syndrome” you know the late night jokers could have a field day with this.

  5. Its unsympathetically intolerant that politicians in the United States have hid behind the “we don’t want to give the children the wrong message,” among other weak arguments. Meanwhile people are writhing in pain, suffering, and very possibly could be cured in certain cases with this plant. It blows my mind that cannabis has been used medicinally for thousands of years, and all of a sudden these narcissistic attitudes and policies prevail despite EXTREMELY strong evidence of its benefits. Suffering from the relatively early stages of neuropathic pain (small fiber neuropathy) and inadvertantly realizing how well this works for pain, but also the potential long term neuroprotective properties that could ultimately EXTEND MY LIFE, I have no choice but to take this very personally. Whatever happened to “NATURAL, & inaleinable rights?” Freedom of choice to use a plant in healing should not even be an issue of debate, especially in a country that prides itself on freedom….

  6. It’s about time Germany did something. I grew up there as a kid, and I had always wondered if they’d ever lighten up. Good to know that the rest of world is starting to emerge from of the dark ages…

  7. Not mentioned in the case made for smoking Mj instead of pill form is that when inhaled it’s effects are available almost immediately. Furthermore this allows for those suffering from problems with the GI system to ingest the substance whereas they would not be able to swallow and/or digest the pills.
    Otherwise the issue comes down to this: there are benefits that can’t be argued to those with very few options so stand down DEA. It is also an issue of personal freedom, just ask George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both known to grow the plant on their plantations………

  8. Considering many of the scientific reports I have read have come out of Israel, I guess this doesn’t surprise me. Our government if forcing the scientific community to stick their collective heads into the sand when it comes to furthering cannabis research and its medicinal applications. If you can’t stand the thought of “dumbing down” our nation in the interest of protecting business as usual, you need to contact your reps and demand reform! This is a PLANT, not a fetus, so the fact that research is completely stifled for supposedly “moral” reasons just doesn’t fly. It hurts no one to learn and research. It only harms us if we choose to be ignorant, or rather, government and industry attempt to make that choice for us.

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