Medical Marijuana Bills Progressing in Iowa

Mar 10, 2017 , , ,

The Iowa Legislature is in full swing, and over a dozen bills have been filed that would improve the state’s marijuana policies. Sen. Brad Zaun’s (R) penalty reduction bill, SF 280, has already been reported favorably out of a Senate subcommittee. Under current Iowa law, possessing even the tiniest amount of marijuana can result in a serious misdemeanor conviction, a fine of up to $1,000, and six months of incarceration. SF 280 would reduce these penalties for up to five grams, resulting in a simple misdemeanor conviction, a fine of up to $625, and a 30-day sentence.

Meanwhile, the Legislature is also considering several medical-cannabis related measures. Iowa’s existing low-THC oil law allows patients with epilepsy to possess the oil but provides no means to actually purchase it; the law is set to expire on July 1, 2017. HSB 164 would eliminate this sunset provision, making the law permanent. Better yet, HSB 132 would set up a system to license cultivators and dispensaries to produce and distribute the oil, while SSB 1176 would establish a full workable medical marijuana program.

If you are an Iowa resident, please ask your lawmakers to support SF 280 and other bills to improve Hawkeye State policies.

2 responses to “Medical Marijuana Bills Progressing in Iowa”

  1. You do know California you can buy Cannabis oil right in the stores or through mail order, this product is not controlled or listed as the same as the plant product marijuana program, the Cannabis oil companies are allowed to sell the product the same as motor oil in a parts store.
    They do not have to have a doctors prescription to have the product, only in a backward state like Iowa, that is why we have a problem with natural medicine in this state. They over regulate this product, and let farmers have hog confinements right next to a town or city, they need to regulate that problem and let the market regulate the Cannabis oil. But that is good old Iowa, over regulate everything, but not other things, like how much money did the governor walk off with, and over paid government employees get paid. We as a rated state are so far behind progressive states that we may never catch up. Thank You

    • Mr. Pullman,

      Your first paragraph is incorrect. CBD is considered a Schedule 1 substance by the DEA and it is illegal to sell it.

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