Medical Marijuana Bills Introduced in West Virginia

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Compassionate legislators in the West Virginia House and Senate introduced bills that would create a medical marijuana program in the state. In the House, Delegate Mike Pushkin and 11 co-sponsors introduced HB 2677, a comprehensive medical marijuana bill titled the “Patient Freedom Act.” In the upper chamber, Senator Richard Ojeda and 11 co-sponsors introduced SB 386, which would make medical marijuana legal and create a Medical Cannabis Commission to administer the program.

Unfortunately, House Speaker Tim Armstead has made it clear that he opposes medical marijuana. Your delegates and senators need to hear from you that this issue is important so they will be motivated to help convince the speaker that a medical marijuana law would be good for West Virginia.

If you are a West Virginia residentplease contact your state legislators today and tell them it’s time to move forward with a compassionate medical marijuana program.

6 responses to “Medical Marijuana Bills Introduced in West Virginia”

  1. My husband is 64 And has chronic pain from an injury where he broke his femur five places , his hip pelvis and his knee . There’s nothing currently on the market that will help him. we pray someday this will be approved in West Virginia

  2. I want to express my support for the Medical Cannabis bill. This is just common sense and has overwhelming support from the public. Please stand up to Mr Tim Armstead and support the people of WV. Thank you.

  3. I think it’s time for to legalize marijuana for medical use. I am from and have been smoking weed for 50yrs.

  4. If you don’t think there are medical benefits to medical marjuana you have a very closed mind. Let’s hope a loved one of yours never has to unnecessarily suffer from ill effects from cancer treatment. Chemicals derived from cannibis has been shown to treat children with epilepsy. There are 28 states that have already legalized the use of medical marijuana. Is West Virginia a backward state?

    On another note, those who say marijuana is a gateway drug should be reminded that tobacco and alcohal are as bad also gateway drugs. If you condone smoking or drinking you are a hypocrite.

    • Yes, hypocrites like the 10 legislators in KY that just voted AGAINST a bill to prohibit tobacco in KY public schools…

  5. I suffer from fibromyalgia. This would enable me to look beyond the pain pills prescribed and try a new approach to my disease. Talking with others who suffer from fibromyalgia in support groups whose states allow medical marijuana says it is life again in the normal. Please help make my life normal again!

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