Medical Marijuana Activist and Cancer Patient Angel Raich Thrown Out of Hospital for Vaporizing Marijuana

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Well, it doesn’t get much more despicable than this. Yesterday, a registered medical marijuana patient with terminal cancer was forced to leave UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco because she was using a vaporizer to ingest her medicine.

A spokesperson for the hospital claimed that use of the vaporizer violated their non-smoking policy. First of all, vaporizing is NOT smoking!

Then, the hospital claimed that even marijuana in vapor form can damage the lungs of other patients. I challenge the hospital to deliver evidence of this, especially considering that a recent study shows marijuana, even smoked marijuana, has little effect on long-term pulmonary function. To the best of my knowledge, there is no data showing any second-hand effects from vaporized marijuana.

This patient happened to be none other than Angel Raich, a long-time medical marijuana activist who battled the federal government in the U.S. Supreme Court for the right to use marijuana to treat the symptoms of her incurable brain tumor.

Marijuana is an accepted medicine in the state of California. For a state university hospital to threaten a terminally ill patient with arrest and federal prosecution, instead of making accommodations so that the patient could use her medicine, is inexcusable.

Just to give you another example of people being denied treatment simply because they use marijuana to treat their conditions, here is a video from our friends at Reason about a man who was taken off a kidney transplant list because he used a legal medicine that his doctor recommended.

What happened to the Hippocratic Oath?

22 responses to “Medical Marijuana Activist and Cancer Patient Angel Raich Thrown Out of Hospital for Vaporizing Marijuana”

  1. Cruel. Clearly done in a mean spirit.

    Her body may be sick but her mind isn’t. Those who kicked her out may have healthy bodies, but their minds are sick.

  2. Well this is a great example of why the Fed. Government needs to reschedule marijuana and finally treat it for what it is and not the BS that is offered now. California and other medical marijuana OK states are doing all the rest of the country an injustice by not making it clear that they have accepted medical use. Schedule I says “Substances in this schedule have a high potential for abuse, have no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States” Well folks, that is no longer true because 16 states + DC currently do.
    This is the argument you need to debate. Please for the rest of us, do your duty as a American and get your state to tell the fed. Government that marijuana does have accepted medical use and they need to reschedule it NOW because of the damage it is causing to people lives like Angel Raich due to bad information! This bad information is keeping other states from moving forward with legitimate marijuana laws. OK I’m stressed again…. blog ya later.

  3. If there was a hospital that allows vaporizer, the DEA will close it down with the help of the U.S. attorney and Michele Leonhart of the Obama administration.

    Vote for Ron Paul!

  4. This was truly an inhumane and barbaric act. When being politically correct trumps the Hippocratic oath, patients beware.

  5. lets not forget who is responsible for the war on drugs and the war on healing medicines.
    thank you mr.rockefeller, with the power of your standard oil money and your brand of “philanthropy” you and your family have molded America into a nation of moneygrubbers and powermongers who use our health to make us sick with chemical pharmaceuticals.

  6. while I fully support the cause…………i have to think and compare it to a patient bringing iun and taking their own prescription meds….Its against all hospital rules. As the father of GBM brain cancer 9 yrs surviving daughter I feel for Angel. Until the rules and laws are changed……….its sadly the rules……………


    37 years ago the public was “almost” informed on the medical value of marijuana and here is the proof.
    37 years of unnecessary suffering and deaths of countless people.
    Families broken apart…Marijuana could have given you more time with your loved one!
    Money, let me tell you…not just dollars,but the amount of money spent by everyone world wide on fighting marijuana, paying fines after prosecution, and all the other mumbo-jumbo is scary when compiled…and to think everyone could have been making money this whole time off the sales! Think of what we could have done with that money and time. Our streets wouldn’t be falling apart and teachers would be paid what they deserve. Along with countless other things like city parks ETC…

  8. I have been self medicating since 1971 after being shot in the head in VN. Marijuana has “saved my life”. It treats my PTSD, my severe arthritic ridden body, helps with making sure that I eat regularly, treating migraines and the list goes on. That’s 40+ years. No cancer, no lung issues, no mental illness, just age related and issues with my paralysis. So AMA put that in your pipe and choke on it. Roll another one……..

  9. If pot were legalized who would be hurt, not we the people but the alcohol, Big Pharmacuticals, prison industries ,city and state coffers and consertives.

  10. When will these idiots finally realize that their lies haven’t worked, their laws aren’t working, and their bad behavior will not work either. The day of reckoning is upon us, and we the people will prevail as we always have. Petitions and the demand for legalization will not go unheard, the majority will win out in the end.

  11. Just another example of how marijuana prohibition has morphed into a masterpiece in the art of brainwashing.

    This is what happens when you do not challange a lie. Marijuana prohibition began with a BOLD FACED LIE.

  12. I believe the bottom line is the fact that smoking in the hospital, interfers with a treatment plan, and it’s a hospital for God’s sake. You can’t smoke anything anywhere these days.

  13. Well said Owen. The problem is there are so many people out there repeating the prohibitionist’s lies. It’s easier for the people who don’t think for themselves to just follow. This seams to be true especially for those that follow more towards the hatred side of life.

  14. With a simple definition of marijuana, Ms. Raich could accurately claim that she was separating the cannabinoids from the cannabis, while not smoking marijuana. We should demand this simple definition of marijuana for the patients, which actually shows respect for our Constitution.

    16. The term ‘marijuana’ means all parts
    of the smoke produced by the combustion
    of the plant Cannabis sativa L.

    For more information, google Talking Points for the Peloton.

  15. This is a bigger issue than it seems to be. What we are watching unfold, is a war in defense of conventional behavior. The establishment, the powers that be, have decided to fight this out to the end. Cigarettes and booze may kill people, but marijuana, which is relatively harmless, is verboten, undesireable, even if it has been shown to be beneficial to human health. I have always felt, that the medical marijuana legality issue or the legalization of recreational marijuana should be foiught on religious freedom grounds. There are too many people hiding their antagonism against unconventionality, behind police uniforms, political office and garb, religious conventions and habits, to create the illusion that some kind of “authority” is supporting their irrationality. But there are reasonable police officials, reasonable politicians, even reasonable religious leaders, that represent a growing number, fighting back against this bigotry. The law should, first of all, be based on reason, and not on rigid traditions that deny science and common sense.

  16. I have been self medicating when possible for over 15 years for several medical issues. I have fibromyalgia and have gone through 5 back surgeries. This medicine allows me to FUNCTION and interact with my family. If I take the medication ALLOWED BY LAW I am a vegged out weirdo and can’t function correctly, I am irritable, can’t drive, walk correctly or sleep. If I ingest, smoke or take marijuana I am able to do all those things and more – and BE WITH MY FAMILY. I VOTE every year for the legalization of medical marijuana so I can function and my liver and kidneys will not be destroyed in the process.

  17. How come her Dr. Didn’t step up & do his job? It sounds like he was
    derelict in his duties & is as guilty as the Hosp. staff if not more so.

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