Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Law In Effect

Jan 04, 2013 , , , ,

The law overwhelmingly passed by Massachusetts voters in November officially went into effect on January 1, joining 17 other states and the District of Columbia in allowing the seriously ill to use marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation. Nearly a third of the U.S. population can now access medical marijuana if they have a qualifying condition!

While the people of Massachusetts are generally quite pleased about this, local governments are trying to delay implementation of the new law until the Department of Public Health can establish regulations to govern the program.

Apparently, local leaders would rather continue to arrest the seriously ill than wait four months for guidance from the state.

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  1. At this day and age, the only people worried about marijuana is the government. All the states speak for themselves which is the wish of the people not the politicians. If they would focus on current problems that are needed now, the people of this country would be so much better off. Just because the government chooses ignorance doesn’t make them right…….

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