Maryland Lawmakers Prepare to Introduce Medical Marijuana Legislation

Jan 27, 2010 ,

Yesterday, a team of bipartisan Maryland legislators announced the details of two bills that would make medical marijuana legal and accessible for qualified patients in the state.

The bill’s main sponsor in the House is Del. Dan Morhaim (D-Baltimore County), who, as an internist and emergency medical physician, has been very effective at explaining why patients and doctors need access to a range of treatment options, including marijuana.

As proposed, the bill would allow patients with a “debilitating medical condition” to obtain marijuana from state-run distribution centers with the recommendation of a doctor with whom they have a long-standing relationship.

However, the new bill would not allow patients to grow their own marijuana, and they would have to try other treatment options before marijuana.

But if passed, the new law would be a vast improvement for medical marijuana patients in Maryland. Under current state law, patients are provided with a limited affirmative defense in court, but they have no protection from arrest or a criminal conviction, and no safe and reliable access to their medicine.

Under this new proposal—which has backing from a diverse and bipartisan group of legislators and has so far seen no opposition—those patients would no longer be treated as criminals, and they would have safe access to the medicine they need.

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  1. is asking for more ideas…. I am asking that Marijuana be removed from a Schedule I substance (I think you would all agree this should happen).

    Please go vote and tell your friends to as well (you have to sign up with first):

    Yeah… I realize this may be glossed over once again, but it doesn’t hurt us to keep pressing the issue!!! The vote gathering will go on until Feb 18th and we need to make sure this idea gets to and stays in the top three. I emplore you to take two minutes and sign up and vote. Pass this around on facebook, myspace, twitter, and any other pro-pot websites so that we can get the most attention as we can.

  2. Make sure you to vote for all the the marijuana ideas on or in the least the ones with the highest # of votes. We can’t keep splitting all the votes that are only worded slightly different that will have nearly the same result.

  3. Gee, a DOCTOR heading up the medical side of MJ instead of some jack boot cop/owned politician who failed freshman bio? What country is this? It’s almost like the twilight zone. People in the know making decisions based on research and first hand knwoledge is the key. Not some idiot politicians who know absolutely nothing about medical planning and treatment. This is refreshing. Way to Maryland, your decision will benefit not only the sick, but the system as well.

  4. We CANNOT let the no grow your own Model to Continue. MPP I am wondering about your true stance. Please enlighten me on your beliefs?

    Most people who need Cannabis the most CANNOT afford to buy it PERIOD! I guess this is all about Maryland Capitalizing on Patients rather than helping them, Ugh
    If a Patient cannot grow their own then where is the provision for Health Care Ins. to pay for ones medical Cannabis? MPP please reply! Or blog about your position.

    Missouri: Patients will congregate at the state capitol on Wednesday, February 10, to meet with lawmakers in support of House Bill 1670, which seeks to legalize the medical use of marijuana. Those who wish to participate in this event can learn more information by visiting here or here.

  5. This is a major step in the movement here in Maryland. It has not been fair to patients who benifit from MMJ to be put through what they have have endured so long with the current bill thats been in effect. My family has gone through alot in this state due to the last bill passed not being very defined. My mother 60 with MS benefits greatly from MMJ she has tried all the alternatives and MMJ is what works. Not maybe not if but IS what works. Due to the law not being defined as to where she can aquire her meds she was forced to grow her own. Her house was raided and she was dragged up the stairs and thrown on the floor, drilled with questions as she was having a MS attack. She was sentenced to 6months in jail, with her already being just about blind and needing a cane to walk always. The court said she could not claim medical use cause she was growing her own medicine. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this bill passes because the current bill is sending the wrong message. If this bill does not pass they should just get rid of the old bill completely because there is just way to much of a gray area with it, almost like it is a setup waiting to happen. Anyways folks keep it Green say no to the poisen pills and keep up the good work here in Maryland MPP. Alot of people are counting on you guys. E-mail me if I can help.

  6. Prevention is the best medicine and cannabis is a prevention medicine as well as a treatment. So may I ask you people to treat it like one?

  7. cannot grow your own, have to buy it from them. it’s all about the money and control. take what we can get? grow a pair, and vote for complete legalization. don’t take no for an answer.

  8. This is an e-mail I received from my Delegate Murray D. Levy in Southern Md.
    Thank you for your e-mail in support of House Bills 712 (Public Health – Medical Marijuana) and 713 (Drug Schedules – Marijuana). I co-sponsored both of these bills which as you know would allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes. As you may be aware, bills addressing this topic have been introduced in prior years and unfortunately never passed out of committee. This year House Bill 712 has been assigned jointly to the House Judiciary Committee and the House Health and Government Operations Committee, and House Bill 713 has been assigned to the House Judiciary Committee. A hearing is scheduled for both bills on February 26, 2010. As I am not a member of either of these committees, I will not be able to consider these bills unless they are reported favorably to the House floor.
    I support the concept of these bills, but I still want to listen carefully to the debate and see the final language of the bill before I make a final decision. In the meantime, you may want to contact the committee directly to voice your support for these bills, and get information on attending the hearings. You can reach the House Judiciary Committee by calling 301-858-3488, and the House Health and Government Operations Committee at 301-858-3770.
    Again, thank you for your e-mail. I always appreciate the views and opinions of my constituents. Please don’t hesitate to contact me in the future if I can be of any further assistance to you.
    Murray D. Levy

  9. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Occipital neuralgia.
    Occipital neuralgia is a term used to describe a cycle of pain-spasm-pain originating from the suboccipital area (base) of the skull that often radiates to the back, front, and side of the head, as well as behind the eyes.
    The occipital nerves are two pairs of nerves that originate in the area of the second and third vertebrae of the neck. While most people’s nerve roots originate in similar places on the spine, cadaver studies show a wide variety of differences between individuals as to the course of the nerves once they leave the spinal column. Often the nerves follow a curving course that passes through various muscles in the upper back, neck and head. Also causes extreme vomiting.
    The pain is absolutely excrutiating at times. Two to four hits from my pipe and the pain is gone. I have tried many, many prescription and over the counter drugs, spent thousands, and none of them help. Cannabis is the only thing that helps.

  10. This needs to pass…I have been living with MS for 31yrs now. I have tried all of the ABC drugs with only finding out I was allergic. I am blind in one eye a partical vision in the other, walk with a cane, fatigued daily..pain…why should I have to suffer like this. SO I took things into my own hands a few years ago. Started using mj and it worked. But I could not afford to buy it being on SSD. So I started to grow my own…ten little plants I started. My house was raided, I was dragged to a chair…questioned, I answered all with truth saying what I had in my home. What followed was my worst night mare. I had to go to court and was sentenced to jail for 6 months…week ends. I walk with a cane and take meds for my MS also. When I arrived at the jail they wanted to take my cane away…I explained that I needed it.They saw it as a weapon. So I was put in solatary confinement , a small cement room with a toilet and sink…and a door with glass half way up , giving me no privacy. It was like being in hell! I do not feel that this was necessary, I was treating my MS nothing else. They made me into some drug lord! SOMETHING needs to happen and soon. Since all of this has blown over I have left with a felony on my name…that I do not deserve. I am a good citzen…never had a driving ticket, nothing…and this happens…I am afraid to be in my own home from it all. SO PLEASE make this real…but I do believe they have to add that patients can grow up to a certain amount , or we will not be able to afford it. Why pass a law that you can not use. My prayers daily is for something to happen with this mj issue…before I am not able to benifite from it all. My MS gets worse now that I am older…painful days , why should I suffer when I know what will help me. Please make this bill pass…but make it a bill that will work all the way for us…the one now is a joke…please contact me if you care to , I will help all I can. Thank you , I finally feel like I can speak my mind with this matter. I have been frozen with my thoughts out of fear what would happen.

  11. My mother has been diagnosed with mylelodysplastic syndrome. she lost so much weight, she now weighs 93lbs. This needs to pass. i sure if lawmakers in maryland had to go through something like this, they would pass this in a heartbeat. if we dont pass this bill, then throw away the old ’03 bill becasue its pointless unless this is passed with more regard towards us not you guys.

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