Marijuana Initiatives Receive Big Endorsements in California, Washington State

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In another example of marijuana policy reform’s growing approval by the mainstream political establishment, this week two major state-level political organizations gave their backing to local initiatives to end marijuana prohibition.

Citing inherent racism in the government’s war on marijuana, the California state chapter of the NAACP announced its support for the Tax Cannabis initiative, which will appear on the California ballot this November.

Meanwhile, the Washington state Democratic Party voted by an overwhelming 314-185 margin to endorse a proposed legalization initiative by Sensible Washington, which has not yet qualified for the ballot.

As more and more influential political forces oppose the doomed philosophy of prohibition and embrace the sensible path of reform, the potential for major electoral victories in 2010 and 2012 seems more promising than ever before.

11 responses to “Marijuana Initiatives Receive Big Endorsements in California, Washington State”

  1. Well, this certainly sounds very encouraging compared to NORML’s stated winning margin to be within a few percentage points. A projection at best, none the less a land side victory for the world if won. If legalization isn’t passed there’s going to be riots I’m sure.

  2. 2015 is looking like a good year for marijuana to be legalized and regulated around the country. A bit optimistic but for about 9 10 years 2015 is when i guessed it would be legal but you know we all hope sometimes.

  3. While gathering signatures for I-1068 in Seattle and Tacoma this weekend, I met a man from North Carolina who predicted “two years” before its legalized in NC. I met people from idaho, Iowa, and Ohio who wanted to sign. One gal from Alaska actually did while I was talking with someone. She said she just wanted to sign it. In our lifetime, I think we just hit the zenith and crossed over into CRITICAL MASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! People get ready …

  4. Freedom will finally come. We need to work on getting people out of jails for cannabis use. That is our next big isue. Good luck out west.

  5. Ok, after it’s implemented countrywide then we can move off of petroleum for good. Hemp Biodiesel Engines + Hemp Cellulose Ethanol = 100% Renewable, Sustainable, Biodegradable Energy Source Known To Man. Right after that we should press charges against any and all known Prohibitionists/Oil Corporations for crimes against humanity/ Environmental Destruction respectively. Vote RonPaul2012.

  6. Yes, I agree NAACP…we need to stop aressting our brothers for God’s Herb. I am a white and back a total pardon for all non-violent Cannabis smokers. God Bless. Take back OUR Constitution…

  7. I didn’t happen in Washington. Maybe if there had a little more support from the ACLU and the Marijuana Policy Project it would have. I was upset to hear about all this money spent on NY billboards in a state where legalization is so far off, when polls in Washington demonstrated an easy victory for I-1068. Things could have been much different with just a little funding. California and Washington could have gone green. And a few hidden blogs/articles about I-1068 is not support.

  8. In WA’s case I believe a Bill presented by one or more Legislators in both houses simultaneously would both, pass and have a more far-reaching impact.

    As long as they emphasize both the cost saving in law enforcement and incarceration and the respectable levels of tax revues received. I believe that today a large majority of reasonably minded people realize that Reefer Madness has been disproved thoroughly thus not enough umph for the initiative path.

    Stress the Tax Benefits to all Washingtonians.

    Lobby the politicians not the people. Money better spent.

    In action,
    watch the timing.
    lao tsu

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