Make 2021 the year S.C. legalizes medical cannabis

Dec 14, 2020

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Make 2021 the year S.C. legalizes medical cannabis

Ask your state legislators to cosponsor the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act.

On Wednesday, Sen. Tom Davis (R) and Rep. Bill Herbkersman (R) pre-filed bills that would allow seriously ill patients to use and safely access medical cannabis in South Carolina.

As Rep. Bill Herbkersman explained, “It is unacceptable that South Carolinians with serious illnesses have to break the law to alleviate their suffering. My brother [who died of cancer] deserved better. Our friends, family, and neighbors deserve the same options to medicine that are afforded to Americans in 36 other states. Waiting any longer will only add to the suffering that is experienced by those who are plagued with debilitating illnesses.”

Now is the time to let your legislators know their constituents are counting on them to do everything possible to ensure the Compassionate Care Act becomes law in 2021. Send them a message today.

If you or a loved one has a special connection to the issue — such as if you could benefit from medical cannabis or you are a medical professional — consider following up with a call to share your experience.

You can also check out a summary of the House version of the bill here, and the Senate bill here

It’s past time South Carolinians have the medical freedom that patients have in Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida, and 32 other states. Raise your voice today to let your state legislators know that their constituents are counting on them. Then, spread the word to other compassionate South Carolinians.