Make 2021 the year Alabama legalizes medical cannabis

Jan 28, 2021

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Make 2021 the year Alabama legalizes medical cannabis

Urge your state legislators to stand up for patients!

Last year, the Alabama Senate overwhelmingly approved the Compassion Act — which would have legalized medical cannabis — but it stalled in the House when the coronavirus derailed the legislative session.

This year, Sen. Tim Melson, MD, has already filed the 2021 version of the bill, SB 46. State lawmakers return to work on Tuesday. Let’s make sure they come back knowing their constituents want the Compassion Act to be at the top of their agenda!

It takes less than a minute to send your lawmakers an email through our automated system. You can personalize the message or rewrite it.

Alabama’s lack of medical marijuana protections is increasingly an outlier. Thirty-six states, including Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi, allow medical cannabis, and polling shows 75% of Alabama voters support it.

While SB 46 is far better than the status quo, we are also encouraging lawmakers to make some improvements. The bill currently steers intractable pain patients to try opiates first, even though they are far more dangerous than cannabis. It also puts onerous burdens on physicians that will depress participation.

Please write your lawmakers today to urge them to improve and enact SB 46, and then spread the word to other compassionate Alabamians.