Lies, damned lies

Nov 12, 2008 , , , ,

Just one day before Michigan voters overwhelmingly approved their state’s medical marijuana ballot measure, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) falsely claimed that there are currently 98 medical marijuana dispensaries operating in downtown San Francisco.

After drawing attention to the ONDCP’s boldface lie here on our blog, I decided to check in with San Francisco’s Health Department – the agency responsible for licensing medical marijuana facilities within the city.

Sure enough, according to them, the ONDCP’s figure is inflated by more than 400 percent: there are actually only 24 medical marijuana dispensaries operating in all of San Francisco.

One would think that the federal government would have done its homework before spending your hard-earned tax dollars posting lies online and even going so far as to fabricate a map showing make-believe medical marijuana club locations.

Sadly, in classic drug-warrior form, the ONDCP are continuing to lie to the public about medical marijuana without even an attempt to back their claims.

On a more jovial note about the ongoing anti-marijuana nonsense, our friend Mark Hughes in MPP’s Communications Department developed this hilarious parody of the ONDCP’s absurd new advertising campaign — enjoy:


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  1. I read an article in today’s SF Chronicle that calls this very “count” into question. It is in the Bay Area Section, and is entitled: “Feds say SF has more pot clubs than Starbucks, but it might not add up,” They cite the erroneous google map showing 98 dispensaries. The zealot responsible for this hooey is a drug czar by the name of RAFAEL LEMAITRE. This scurrulous bastard went on to admit, when pressed, there were far less than 98. Why? Because the feds are unsure if they actually sell pot!! The revised list of 74 proved to be inaccurate as well, so it is obvious to me that this LEMAITRE is cooking up more lies to back the drug war. It seems the number SF claims (24) actually is accurate, so how did thy(the feds) get to 98???

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