La. Senate passes medical cannabis expansion

May 29, 2020

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La. Senate passes medical cannabis expansion

Ask Gov. Edwards to sign the bill when it lands on his desk.

Exciting news! On Wednesday, the Louisiana Senate followed the House’s lead and overwhelmingly approved legislation (HB 819) to allow medical cannabis for any debilitating medical condition. HB 819 would significantly expand Louisiana’s medical cannabis program: Patients currently only qualify if they have one of the specifically listed medical conditions.

Ask Gov. John Bel Edwards to sign HB 819 into law when it lands on his desk.

Before HB 819 makes it to the governor’s desk, the House must consider a Senate amendment that requires cannabis sales to be entered into the prescription drug monitoring database.

Disappointingly, a bill to allow whole-plant, raw cannabis — HB 385 — did not advance before a deadline. Meanwhile, the House-passed bill to allow home delivery — HB 792 — was removed from consideration because the sponsor believes pharmacies already have the ability to deliver medical cannabis. (The Board of Pharmacy has granted them temporary permission to do so due to the coronavirus.)

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