La. Legislature to deal with medical cannabis bills next week!

Apr 01, 2022

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La. Legislature to deal with medical cannabis bills next week!

Bills that will allow reciprocity for out-of-state medical patients and medical paraphernalia to be heard next week!

Two bills will be heard in the House Committee Administration of Criminal Justice on Wednesday, April 6. Both bills are very important to making our medical program just and functional.

HB 137 
would provide protection from prosecution for visiting qualified medical patients. Our family members and the millions of tourists who visit our state every year undoubtedly include tens of thousands of medical patients. They should not face criminal prosecution in the Pelican State for the use of their medicine. You can support visiting medical patients here.

HB 775 
would remove paraphernalia used for therapeutic reasons from the definition of drug paraphernalia. Last year, the legislature legalized cannabis in its natural form and patients need not fear prosecution for items used to administer that cannabis. Let your legislators know that patients need access to methods of delivery for their medical cannabis.

Despite our best efforts and those of our allies, HB 700, which increases penalties for small amounts of cannabis for people under 18, last week was passed favorably (11-3) to the House for consideration. On Tuesday, April 5, the bill will get a vote in the House. You can let your legislators know you do not support incarceration for cannabis possession for any Louisianan.

Now is the time to engage your legislators. As the session kicks into high gear, they need to hear from constituents. Pressure from constituents is the best method to get your legislators to support cannabis reform in Louisiana.

We will alert you this session as cannabis bills continue to be heard in the legislature. You can view a synopsis of pending legislation here. Be sure to share this with your friends and families in Louisiana!