Kentucky’s medical cannabis bills gain momentum

Feb 08, 2021

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Write your elected officials, then call your senator’s office and urge them to support the legislation!

Support for medical cannabis in Kentucky is stronger than ever. Twenty-five representatives have signed on as sponsors of a medical cannabis bill in the House, HB 136, and 10 senators are sponsoring a similar Senate bill, SB 92.

Now would be a great time to write your state legislators in support of medical cannabis. After you do so, please call your senator’s office and urge them to support the bill!

Last year, the Kentucky House voted 65-30 to pass the medical cannabis bill, but Senate leaders refused to give it a vote. Please take a moment to call Senate President Robert Stivers’ office and tell him this legislation is urgently needed for Kentuckians who are battling serious medical conditions.

After you write your state legislators, call your senator’s office, and call Senate President Robert Stivers’ office, please share this message with your friends and family.