Kentucky Nurses Association Supports Medical Marijuana

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On July , the Interim Joint Committee on Licensing and Occupations held a public hearing to consider testimony on the medical use of marijuana. At a press conference prior to the hearing, patients received a strong endorsement from the Kentucky Nurses Association, which announced its support for the proposed reform.Kentucky_Nurses_Association_Logo

“I hope that folks are going to see that when registered nurses say this is an important access to care issue, that folks are going to look at it as the medical and patient care issue that it is and not as a social issue,” said Maureen Keenan, executive director of the KNA.

It is apparent that some Kentucky legislators are evolving on the issue and becoming supporters of allowing medical marijuana. However, others remain vigorously opposed, and many still seem reluctant to discuss the issue in public. If you are a Kentucky resident, please take a moment to send your elected officials a message in support of medical marijuana legislation.

3 responses to “Kentucky Nurses Association Supports Medical Marijuana”

    Beware of the alphabet soup of neo-prohibitionists [like MPP, DPP etc ad nauseam] and like profiteers who will be trying to sell you the same predatory BS that they are now pushing in California as Prop64. Check it out for your selves, don’t get fooled again.

  2. If Kentucky would completely legalize marijuana it would be the best thing the powers that be could do there are so many uses for hemp and look at all the people that marijuana has helped it is awesome the only reason that it was made into a schedule. 1 narcotic was that a dummy that wanted funds for his organization needed something to go after and picked that as public enemy no.1. We can’t think like that, marijuana has been used for THOUSANDS of years for medicine and the war on drugs is useless a war that will never be won EVER! The war on drugs is about government money, money that could go toward getting poor homeless people back on their feet and off the street, or anything else that would help the People of this nation. Legalize Marijuana! Completely!

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