Kansas Senator Will Lead Valentine's Day Rally in Support of Patient Access

Feb 11, 2014

Committee onPublic Health and Welfare, Kansas, rally, SB 9, Sen. David Haley, Topeka, Valentine's Day

[caption id="attachment_7339" align="alignright" width="164"]haley_david Sen. David Haley[/caption]

In 2013, Senator David Haley introduced SB 9, which would establish a compassionate medical marijuana program in Kansas similar to the programs in 20 other states. That bill is still alive, but it has yet to be called to a vote in committee. In order to bring attention to the issue, he will be leading a rally to support patient access starting on the first floor of the Kansas Capitol Rotunda.

Despite the repeated requests of voters, MPP supporters, and Sen. Haley himself, the chairperson for the Committee on Public Health and Welfare has refused to set the bill for a hearing. Please help this important bill be heard. If you attend, please be sure to dress professionally and be respectful to all legislators. The rally begins at 9:30 a.m., but please arrive early. Participants are invited to remain afterwards to talk with senators and representatives to support access to medical marijuana.

sizeable majority of Kansans support allowing medical marijuana. The legislature should stop frustrating the clear will of the voters and allow seriously ill patients to have access to a medicine that is safer than many pharmaceuticals.