Kansas: NOW is the time for a final push for medical cannabis!

May 06, 2022

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Kansas: NOW is the time for a final push for medical cannabis!

Tell your senator to get medical cannabis across the finish line!

With the end of the 2022 legislative session fast approaching, time is critical to urge the Senate to get Kansans access to safe and legal medical cannabis. In May 2021, the Kansas House of Representatives passed a medical cannabis bill, 79-42. The bill stalled in the Senate. In March of this year, Sen. Robert Olson introduced SB 560 in an effort to revive the efforts to create a medical program. Eventually, the language was adopted into SB 12, previously passed legislation.

A conference committee was called to resolve the differences and to move forward. The legislature is on break until May 23, but the conference committee can work in the meantime. We need you help encourage Senate leadership to ensure the committee meets and creates a workable medical cannabis bill.

Tell your senators to support medical cannabis!

Kansans have fought long and hard to alleviate the suffering of patients, and this bill will meet the needs of those patients. They should not continue to suffer without access to safe, lab-tested medicine or be forced to seek relief via the illicit market, where there is no testing and patients run the risk of arrest or robbery. Kansans are ready to join the other 37 states that have access to safe medical cannabis.

Spread this message to friends and family in Kansas to create a medical cannabis program this year! Together, we can get this done by letting legislators know we support this bill.