Kansas Legislature convenes for 2020 session this week

Jan 14, 2020

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Kansas Legislature convenes for 2020 session this week

Email your lawmakers today and ask them to support a compassionate medical cannabis program!

The legislature kicked off its 2020 session yesterday.

Gov. Laura Kelly (D) has reiterated her support for legalizing medical cannabis, making it part of her personal agenda for 2020. But, a bill must clear the legislature first.

Now is a great time to pressure your legislators to make medical cannabis a priority this year.

It is past time Kansas join the majority of states and establish a well-regulated, compassionate medical cannabis program. Kansas is now surrounded on three sides by states that have legalized either medical cannabis or cannabis for adult use, and 68 percent of Kansans support the medical use of cannabis.

People who could benefit from medical cannabis should not have to wait — and in some cases cannot wait — for the right to use it legally. Please email your lawmakers today and urge them to support a comprehensive medical marijuana program.

Together, we can help Kansas patients access the medicine they deserve.