Judge upholds Arizona’s law; first dispensary begins serving patients!

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A lawsuit challenging Arizona’s medical marijuana law was rejected last week, when Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Michael Gordon rejected arguments by Attorney General Tom Horne and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and refused to declare the law invalid.

This is great news for patients, but wait, there’s more! Last week, the Phoenix FOX affiliate reported that a dispensary in Tucson became the first to open its doors in Arizona. However, that dispensary does not yet have medical marijuana available for patients, so the honor of being the first state-licensed dispensary actually goes to Arizona Organix in Glendale, which began supplying patients Thursday, December 6.

Prop. 203 has overcome several obstacles since it was approved by voters in 2010, and the law now appears to be well on its way to being fully implemented. However, advocates must remain vigilant, as we know the program’s opponents will continue trying to challenge the rights of patients in court and in the legislature. Montgomery has already announced he will appeal Judge Gordon’s ruling, so it’s clear the effort to preserve and protect Arizona’s medical marijuana law must continue.

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  1. The People of America want a choice to alcohol. We are no fools and when a safer alternative to alcohol is readily available and science tells us that this alternative is non toxic and will not kill us in any amount we tend not to listen to our government’s rants about how dangerous pot is. You want to talk about danger, let’s talk about booze. Thousands of Americans die every year from the direct and indirect use of alcohol. We need a choice and every day that our leaders work to keep that choice from us more of us will die from alcohol abuse. The alcohol monopoly is killing our children and we seem to just keep our heads in the sand in keeping cannabis illegal. Yes, let us legalize marijuana and save a few lives for God’s sake and stop being idiots. If pot was dangerous you would see our ER’s filled with users, there are millions of marijuana users in America and a vast majority of us are everyday people just trying to live our lives, pay our taxes and relax a bit in the everning when the work is done. That I light a bud and you tip a bud seems hardly worth noting. Why should that be the concern of our government? Let me suggest that it is our government’s vastly expanded intrusion in our daily lives that has brought our government to the brink of financial ruin. From cradle to grave they have their fingers in our lives. What we eat, what we drink, where we live, what we read, what medicines we can take, what we can smoke, if we can smoke, where we can smoke,our education choices, the toys our children play with, the cars we drive…on an on. It is no longer Uncle Sam, our government has morphed into Father Sam. Big, fat, bloated, triple chinned Father Sam in a wheelchair because he is too large to stand on his own still wants to tell us how to live our lives. How sick is that.

  2. Oh, I forgot to tell you. Father Sam is an alcoholic also but he is in denial. He just doesn’t see the need for intervention or choices for his People. Alcohol was good enough for his ancestors and damnit if alcohol won’t be good enough for us today too.

  3. Oakland cites surprise medical pot backer
    Bob Egelko
    Updated 10:41 pm, Wednesday, December 12, 2012


    “In papers filed late Tuesday with the magistrate who is considering the fate of the Harborside Health Center, lawyers for Oakland said patent and research records reveal that ‘the government believes in the medical efficacy of cannabis’ – contrary to the Justice Department’s insistence that marijuana is a dangerous drug with no legitimate use.

    Cedric Chao, a lawyer for the city, cited a 2003 patent application by the U.S. government that said cannabis compounds are ‘useful in the treatment and prophylaxis (prevention) of a wide variety of oxidation-associated diseases,’ including certain types of strokes and immune-system disorders.

    Chao quoted another patent application, by two government scientists in 2009, that referred to the ‘healing properties of Cannabis sativa,’ or marijuana, that have been ‘known throughout documented history.’

    ‘How can the government credibly deny the benefits of medical cannabis when the government itself is funding cutting-edge research proving the medical benefits of cannabis and seeking patents based on such research?’ Chao wrote.”

    So tell me again how the DEA can argue, in front of the DC Court of Appeals, that marijuana has no medical benefits? It’s obvious that their schedule decision was arbitrary and capricious. And that they lied to the court.

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