Indiana: Several cannabis policy reform bills introduced this year!

Jan 10, 2022

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Indiana: Several cannabis policy reform bills introduced this year!

Ask your lawmakers to support establishing an effective medical cannabis program and to stop criminalizing possession of small amounts of cannabis!

While cannabis policy reform is sweeping the Midwest, Indiana remains one of only 14 states with no effective medical cannabis law and one of only 19 that still imposes jail time for simple possession of cannabis.

However, as more and more states move forward, it’s only a matter of time before Indiana improves its laws. The legislature has convened for its 2022 legislative session, and several cannabis policy reform bills have been introduced, including bills to legalize medical cannabis and decriminalize possession of small amounts of cannabis. 

Additionally, a bill that would begin setting up a regulatory framework for legal cannabis has also been introduced. While Gov. Eric Holcomb (R) has not been supportive of adult-use legalization, he did recently say that he’s on board with having lawmakers pass legislation to get the state ready for legal marijuana if federal prohibition is lifted. Meanwhile, the Indiana Democratic party is pushing for broader reform, calling on state lawmakers to end prohibition and legalize cannabis for adults. 

has shown that the majority of Indiana voters support legalizing cannabis both for adult-use and medicinal purposes. Still, the legislature must act in order to bring this long overdue policy change to the Hoosier State.

Make sure your lawmakers know this issue matters to voters; ask them to support cannabis policy reform:

Medical: Ask your state legislators to support a compassionate, comprehensive medical cannabis program.

Let your lawmakers know it’s time to stop arresting marijuana consumers. Ask them to support changing the penalty for possession from possible jail time to a civil fine.

Legalization: Urge your lawmakers to end cannabis prohibition in Indiana and legalize, tax, and regulate cannabis for adults. 

After you reach out to your lawmakers, be sure to share this message with your friends and family in Indiana and encourage them to do the same!