Illinois Vows to Ignore Court Decision to Add Chronic Pain to Qualifying Conditions

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A court in Cook County, Illinois ruled last week that the Illinois Department of Public Health must add intractable pain as a qualifying condition to the state’s medical cannabis pilot program. Incredibly, the state has vowed to appeal the ruling and continue to shut pain patients out of the state program.

This is an outrage. A petition is circulating that allows supporters to voice their opposition to the misguided decision by the state. If you agree the state should add intractable pain and want the state to drop its appeal plans, click here.

Patients and advocates have been working to add the condition to the state program since it went into effect in 2015. A panel of doctors and experts charged with considering new conditions voted unanimously to add pain, yet the health department refused to listen.

Even after a court reached the same conclusion, the health department continues to push back and deny access. As the nation struggles to bring a deadly opioid epidemic under control, medical cannabis should be an option for those who seek a safer alternative. Patients in Illinois should not be encouraged to seek relief from the underground market, when a regulated and tested alternative is available.

2 responses to “Illinois Vows to Ignore Court Decision to Add Chronic Pain to Qualifying Conditions”

  1. Pain is a tricky area due to its subjective nature. Research has shown that the same pain stimulus has been rated differently between subjects making it difficult to objectively measure. That said, the Subjective Pain Level scale has been accepted as a valid measure. Additionally, intractable pain has been documented as a chronic pain which typically has not been alleviated by traditional measures. Rather it has been suggested that the remedy is more with non-traditional measures, such as medical cannabis. I applaud and support the cause and inclusion of all applicable conditions where medical marijuana might be a viable alternative.

  2. Rauner is ordering patients with intractable pain to use opiates, even if cannabis can be substituted or partially substituted for the opiates. What mindboggling stupidity and cruelty.

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