Illinois Bill Would Allow Patients to Substitute Medical Marijuana for Opiates

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Illinois State Sen. Dan Harmon is championing a bill that would allow individuals who are prescribed opioids to qualify for access to medical cannabis. His bill, SB 336, is expected to receive a hearing tomorrow in the Senate Executive Committee.

Hundreds of thousands of people are prescribed opioids in Illinois. These drugs carry a very high risk of dependency, and they can cause significant long-term harm including the risk of overdose death. Medical cannabis is now providing relief around the country and reducing incidents of drug ovedose deaths where it is available. But Illinois is one of only three medical marijuana states where pain patients don’t qualify, unless they have a specifically listed disease.

This bill would also take the sensible step of removing the requirement that medical cannabis patients submit fingerprints, provided they qualify under the new provisions. It is a huge first step for the many Illinoisans suffering unbearable pain every day.

If you are an Illinois resident, please tell your senator to support SB 336 and vote “yes” if it is placed before the senator for a vote.

4 responses to “Illinois Bill Would Allow Patients to Substitute Medical Marijuana for Opiates”

  1. This bill would also take the sensible step of removing the requirement that medical cannabis patients submit fingerprints

    Oh tell me this is not true. Fingerprints? Nothing like having law enforcement get involved in medical affairs. Let’s keep doctors as doctors and law enforcement as law enforcement and not mix the two up. And while we’re at it, let’s help the insurance, pharmaceutical and medical industry handle their prescriptions without interference from law enforcement unless THEY find a problem that requires law enforcement assistance. But as it is now, doctors have to live in fear of being accused of over-prescribing to a patient on Lorazepam even if that person has been senile or dementia Alzheimer for years, and how is that right? Doctors are walking like on thin ice all the time. It’s easy enough for pharmacies now to coordinate any medicines and coordinate with doctors when they see, Hey this person went to two different doctors and got the same thing for the same time period; so look into that, and without a go-ahead from one or both doctors, that can’t be filled. Let them police themselves and quit giving so many unrelated things to law enforcement to handle. Use that budgeted money law enforcement is using to ride herd on doctors and give it to whatever medical organizations the doctors & pharmacists say it should go to. So defund the law enforcement aspect and up-fund the doctors and pharmacists organizations because that is what really makes sense. Don’t do it the current way whereby you weaken the doctors prescription network while strengthening the law enforcement side. Do it the other way around. It’s a medical issue, a medical matter. If a fringe element gets out of line, the doctors, I am fairly certain know about the phone number 9-1-1. Hello?

    • Otherwise, where do you stop? With law enforcement riding herd on finances, grocery stores, automobiles, shopping centers, retail outlets, music stations, radio, tv. clothing, and so forth.

      I am 100% certain that doctors would not have selected actual law enforcement groups to ride herd over them as is done with Schedule I, II, III drugs etc. I’m sure they didn’t say, Hey guys, let’s just let the law enforcement deal with it. Agreed? No. No they didn’t. This was taken out of their hands, not given over by them.

      • One more thing. These are the same doctors who go into operating rooms. Do you really want them to have to have an okay for a medical procedure that requires Schedule I, II, III etc drugs while people are in ER? And if you can see the reasons for letting doctors do their jobs there, you can see they are the same ones in their offices, clinics, etc., that need to be freed to do their jobs without fear of law enforcement looking over their shoulders. This is one group that can absolutely police themselves. Someone messes up, one too many times, they lose their license to practice medicine. That’s a major disincentive from doing wrong.

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