Huge Victory for Medical Marijuana Patients in Montana

Nov 09, 2016

I-182, Montana, MT

Yesterday, 55% of Montana voters approved a compassionate medical marijuana ballot measure — I-182. The vote is welcome relief to over 11,000 patients who were left without reasonable access.
This is the second time Montana’s voters moved marijuana policy forward. In 2004, Montana became the tenth state to adopt a medical marijuana measure. In 2011, lawmakers replaced it with an intentionally unworkable system. Thankfully, voters yesterday weighed in and restored patients’ medical cannabis access.182
This key victory comes after years of court battles over the state’s harsh 2011 law. Among other things, the existing law limited providers to three patients and required the state in initiate an investigation into any doctor that recommended medical marijuana to 25 or more patients each year.

The I-182 win not only rolls back those harmful provisions, it creates important new protections. Medical marijuana can be tested, regulators can issue licenses for businesses and inspect them, and workers also gain critical protections.