Huge News: Obama Administration Ends Medical Marijuana Raids in 13 States

Oct 19, 2009 ,

Huge news!

The Obama administration issued guidelines today clearly stating that the federal government will not arrest medical marijuana patients or providers who comply with state law. This development is the most significant, positive policy change for medical marijuana patients since 1978.

According to Justice Department officials, the orders sent today to federal prosecutors, the DEA, and the FBI clearly state that medical marijuana patients and providers who are in compliance with state law should not be arrested or prosecuted by the federal government. This codifies statements made by the attorney general earlier this year.

The policy is a signal of support for medical marijuana from President Obama and the new administration. And the guidelines are exactly what MPP’s Aaron Houston asked for in a congressional hearing earlier this year.

Under the Bush administration, the feds raided, arrested, and otherwise terrorized medical marijuana patients and their caregivers. Even in the 13 states with medical marijuana laws, patients still lived in fear. With this new policy change, medical marijuana patients finally know exactly where they stand with the law and can focus on their health, not their legal status.

To help MPP build on this momentum, please write your member of Congress. We’ve set up an action item online to make this quick and easy. You can also help by sharing this blog post on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and other social network sites online.

107 responses to “Huge News: Obama Administration Ends Medical Marijuana Raids in 13 States”

  1. Now all we need is for 1 state to do all out legalization. It will show all the other states how it wont be the end of the world and will only make things better and then it will trigger a chain reaction.

    The end is near. The end of prohibition. The end of the oil age. The end of deforestation. The end of big pharma as the only means for medicine. The only negative to ending prohibition is lost jobs in these industries that have been detrimental to our enviroment and society as well. But for every job lost, a new one will be created in 2 industries that will make more money than the ones lost.

    Just my opinion anyways. Im sure im not alone

  2. Big news indeed! This is a great day for states to take the step to look after the well being of their citizens for whom mmj would be beneficial. A great step in the right direction!

  3. This is grand & all, but we need to legalize cannabis fully. I ask you MPP, please support personal cultivation rights. Don’t support bills like you did in Arizona, I believe it was, where you can’t grow your own cannabis unless you live farther than 25 miles from a dispensary. Please, never forget, to support personal, non-taxed, cultivation rights for the public. We need to be able to grow our own cannabis! There is no other full-proof way to make sure the quality of cannabis in the stores is high, and at the best price it can be.

  4. fool proof. Treat the grow your own thing like people do for beer or tomatoes. You can grow, but to become a seller requires regulation and taxes. Few people will grow, few people make their own beer.

    Keep driving home the fact that an evening with friends featuring marijuana is far safer than with alcohol. However, few people smoke enough to realize that pot is exactly like drinking. The first few times you drink, you don’t know how to do it. Go way overboard with it, and have a bad experience or two. But once you understand how to enjoy alcohol responsibly, you no longer drink to get wasted, or drunk, but to enjoy life just a little better. Pot is exactly the same. Unfortunately, getting people over the hump and into the responsible use realm has many obstacles. I want more press about how much medical patients use, just how benign the stuff is, and continuing to spread the truth and facts about just how much less harmful and intoxicating sweet hemp is. Misinformation can’t be spread like it used to. If O’ Shaughnessy discovered the Bay of Bengal and cannabis usage by the Indians today, he could have a camera crew and all sorts of media. But we’re coming out of a dark tunnel of propaganda, which people will not scrutinize unless the educated minority spreads truth surrounding the efficacy of cannabis. Go out there and prune the public opinion, it’s the only way.

  5. :As I posted on the Hemp News&NORML sites:
    “The guidelines to be issued to federal prosecutors Monday will suggest that it’s not a good use of time to go after users and distributors of medical marijuana in the 14 states that allow such usage”.:End Quote:

    That is all it is, A”Suggestion” NOT LAW, Which opens the door to change policy at a moment`s notice and does NOTHING to ensure a Patient or Caregiver will not be arrested & prosecuted at the whim of Overzealous Prosecutors or being Harassed by local law enforcement.

    HB 2835 Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act 2009 would be the Official Seal of approval and provide the “Proper” Protection the People Need, Removing the “Federal Roadblock”
    Obama, Pass it and Do it right, Do NOT make Empty “Memo” promises that can very easily be broken.
    Memo`s to other agency’s are NOT law and Cannabis still remains a Schedule I Substance that States will continue to use to argue against Medical Legalization.

  6. Don #6 is spot on. Today would be a great day to write our Congressperson. To get the address, copy and paste the link _httpsX// , then get a 42 cent stamp and send them a letter (here’s one I wrote; feel free to modify for your own 🙂

    Dear [Congressperson’s Name]:
    I’m writing to ask that you consider becoming a co-sponsor of HR 2835, the Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act. HR 2835 provides a high-profile opportunity for you to be a powerful voice for the good of the American people. This is an important area for champions of both personal liberty and States’ rights to acknowledge that medical decision making belongs to doctors and patients, not law enforcement agencies and criminal prosecutors.

    Sometimes the discussion about the medical use of marijuana gets mixed together with concerns about generalized legalization of marijuana. I know that as a physician you’re already aware that marijuana in various forms, not necessarily smoked, has been used therapeutically for centuries in many parts of the world. Marijuana appears to provide relief from pain, nausea, and other symptoms, with fewer ill effects and a greater margin of safety than many other classes of drugs. In particular, marijuana appears to be far safer than the narcotic drugs commonly administered for pain, and safer even than the non-narcotic drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen and related compounds that are responsible for a few hundred fatal poisonings each year (_httpX//

    In 2008, the American College of Physicians stated: “Evidence not only supports the use of medical marijuana in certain conditions but also suggests numerous indications for cannabinoids. Additional research is needed to further clarify the therapeutic value of cannabinoids and determine optimal routes of administration. The science on medical marijuana should not be obscured or hindered by the debate surrounding the legalization of marijuana for general use.” (_httpX//

    Thank you for taking the time to consider HR 2835; I would be really pleased to hear that you have signed on as a co-sponsor of this important legislation for well being of so many Americans.

  7. Conservative Christian:
    You might want to get a 44 cent Stamp!!!!

    Everyone Else:
    Conservative Christian has it right…. send out a letter (it is more effective than simply sending an email as some in Congress will not accept emails from third party sites.

    IDEA: You need to add a “Share” button on all of your blogs and articles so that it is easier for us to send these links out on Twitter and Facebook…

  8. This is fantastic news. Just a couple of thoughts, please respond if you can clarify for me:

    1) Reading through the reports today, I’ve seen some articles say there are 13 states with some sort of legal medical MJ program, and some say 14. What is the actual number?

    2) Any thoughts on how this positions the federal response if a state were to actually legalize recreational use? Think they would apply the same hands-off reasoning, or go with a crackdown approach?

    3) Are Obama/Holder testing the political waters for cannabis re-scheduling here? I know the news only broke this morning, but I’m seeing a surprising lack of political backlash. I think federal decriminalization is too much to expect, but simply re-scheduling would go a very long way.

    Anyway, this story put a much-needed smile on my face on a Monday morning.

  9. Awesome news. The embers keep getting hotter on the legalization flame. 😀

    And I think tom is right. It should be like alcohol where you’re allowed to produce a certain amount, but unable to sell it without a permit or something. And I think it’s pretty safe to assume that if you can just go buy cannabis at the store, few people would actually grow it themselves. If the price and tax are reasonable, of course.

  10. Doesn’t this memo from the President basically say that the White House has just recognized (and put in writing) that there are medical uses for treatment in the United States??? I mean he is definately saying that there are states that recognize the use for treatment and that Federal resources will not be used in those states.

  11. I noticed ,in the memo sent out to the various federal prosecutors, that they reserved for themselves the right to enforce federal law on a whim. “Nor does this guidance preclude investigation or prosecution,EVEN WHEN THERE IS CLEAR AND UNAMBIGUOUS COMPLIANCE WITH EXISTING STATE LAW, in particular circumstances where investigation or prosecution otherwise serves important federal interests”
    That looks like a pretty big loophole to me.
    I would think that a person facing such a loophole might wonder just exactly what constitutes ” important federal interests” before he decided exactly how he might exersise his first amendment right to object to such vague language. I suppose it’s not against the law to write it that way, though, it’s just a memo after all, not a law.

  12. glad to see the obama administration finally owning up to its promises. My vote definitely went to the right guy last november!

  13. Don #6: You are correct. This isn’t a change in law. However, it does codify a policy. The policy is what the AG and the president “suggest.” You are also right that we need a federal law allowing all doctors to prescribe marijuana nationwide. H.R. 2835 still needs a hearing!

    DarthNole #9: We are working on sharing features for this blog.

    Rhayader #11: 1) The right number is 13. Confusion can come from Maryland having a bad medical defense law. Sometimes, the media just gets it wrong. 2) I don’t think this would apply to a state-level legalization law. 3) Hard to say exactly what their intentions are, but this is a good sign that they are open to future reforms.

    If you’d like to read the memo, you can at

  14. To #14 – Rhayader
    #1. 14 States – Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.
    #2. Most likely a Crackdown, Even if it is set at Schedule II, It would have to be set at Schedule V or Completely removed from the List.
    #3. I believe they ARE testing the waters to see what happens to his approval rating and how the General Population reacts, They are leaving themselves a way OUT by Ignoring H.B.2835 at this time! That is the reason I posted what I did earlier, Post # 6.

  15. debra: you’re the loser, your ignorance on the subject proves it. But hey, you won’t be back to read this so I’m just venting into the wind.

  16. A little thank you note to the white house and/or the attorney general along with some encouragement for additional change in the future would be a very good idea. Appreciation goes a long way.

    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

    Send a note to debra 17, too. Say high !

    Thanks, everybody !

  17. Hah debra FTL.

    Thanks for the replies Ben and Don. I think the best case scenario is a continued state-by-state push toward legalization, combined with a federal re-classification to Schedule 2. That in itself would be monumental.

  18. I just wish Obama would have changed pot form a schedul 1 drug to a 2 or 3 that would have gone a lot further ( I am tired of babysteps)

  19. Exactly, since the white house is at least sort of recognizing the medicinal value of mj, there’s no reason that it should still be considered a Schedule 1 drug

  20. woohoo, a victory for us. All the men and women that have had their lives ruined by racist cannabis laws are one step closer to vindication.

  21. Thank you mpp staff for taking this to task and winning back some of our inalienable rights. It seems like this summer i have felt more and more that America is lost and we are all owned by the Chinese; by proxy our Constitution made null and void. This makes me think we are in fact different and still uniquely American.

  22. #24 kent keith: You said, ” I am tired of babysteps”
    Me too …….. Heavy, intensely heavy sigh ………

    This was in the memo as well: “Congress has determined that marijuana is a dangerous drug, and the illegal distribution and sale of marijuana is a serious crime and provides a significant source of revenue to large-scale criminal enterprises, gangs, and cartels.”

    Marijuana is a dangerous drug……. need more be said I ask.

  23. Our own Government holds a Patent on Cannabis, A plant they themselves deem illegal and has no Medical use? ? (Spitting Nails right now)Where the Hell do they think cannabinoids come from, The Tooth Fairy?
    U.S. Patent # 6630507
    In 2003, the U.S. Government as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services filed for, and was awarded a patent on cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants. U.S. Patent 6630507.

  24. That’s great news but there will still be problems with ambitious federal prosecutors and DEA officials. We will all have to wait and see.

  25. JJ – My Love Bug, don’t use ALL CAPITALS, I hear you, WE hear you. I understand your frustration.
    And no dear heart, there will be several dispensary raids, that’s the “next breaking news”. This is smoke and mirrors, those that have half a brain understand this.

    All you people in Texas, your Rep. Lamar Smith is opposing this, and all you people in New York, Your Rep Hincey is in support of this.

    #33: And that drug doesn’t work, I know, and my specialist is going to cut me off next time because he’s paranoid.

  26. This was in the memo as well: “Congress has determined that marijuana is a dangerous drug, and the illegal distribution and sale of marijuana is a serious crime and provides a significant source of revenue to large-scale criminal enterprises, gangs, and cartels.”

    Marijuana is a dangerous drug……. need more be said I ask.

  27. Yes, there will probably be some raids on dispensaries in California. The California law simply exempts from prosecution those individuals that follow some farily narrow guidelines. It would be surprising if every single dispensary were following those guidelines; some are no doubt in it just for the bucks. Legal action against those operations will clear the field and leave the truly legal operations in a better position to serve the public.

    Let’s keep our eyes on the end goal; this announcement/memo about Federal prosecution is great news! EVERY politician out there is waiting to see how the public responds to this. It’s time to send a note of appreciation to the President. No other President has done this. This is a great step. More steps will follow (or NOT) depending on how we, the public, respond.

    It takes two minutes; here’s the link:

    The time to write is Today!

  28. Lea @ #35
    A lot of aging Lamar Smith’s supporters are going to have taste of chemotherapy pretty soon. I saw Lamar Smith’s web site and I felt sorry for all those people who trusted him.

  29. How is it they can look at us with a straight face and say it’s “dangerous” while saying we shouldn’t arrest people for it at the same time?

    Does any of this make sense to anyone?

  30. # 40 two words: Reefer Madness. It’s going to take some people a little more time before they face facts. It’s our job to help them do that.

    I’m taking this news with a grain of salt. It’s a nice gesture from the administration, but that’s all it is until we get a law. It does raise my hopes that we might be able to do this in the future.

  31. OK, this is all very nice and definitely a step forward, but…

    who is going to police the police to keep these various rogue State and Federal law enforcement agencies in line?

    I see a period of revenge coming down upon us by the likes of the LA District Attorney and other such hateful, warmongers against the people.

    The power of this new Obama declaration will be determined by how the justice system punishes its own for breaking these guidelines.

    We must hope for the best, enjoy the small steps forward, and keep on fighting.

  32. Where are you getting that “clearly stating” business? No law has been passed to end federal raids. A rogue D.A. or Fed Prosecutor can still do what they want.

  33. Hi, Doug 43-
    The Fed rogues have bosses and those bosses answer to the President. This certainly has some wait-and-see to it, BUT it’s more than any other President has done on this issue, and for the time being it means a State can write it’s own mmj laws and the people in that state will have the freeedom (or lack thereof) based on their own state’s law. There will no doubt be some dispensary raids by the State prosecutors (and some of those will no doubt be legitimate raids; I mean, do we think every dispensary is actually operating within the rather narrow legal guidelines?) but by and large this is great news.

    Today is the day to write the President; It takes two minutes; here’s the link:

    Carpe Diem!

  34. Obama Administration gives go ahead to state medical marijuana laws

    Contact: Carl Olsen, 515-343-9933

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 20, 2009

    In a 3-page memo from the U.S. Department of Justice release on October 19, the Obama Administration has formally announced a new federal medical marijuana policy to respect states’ rights to exempt medical patients from the war on drugs. Thirteen states have already enacted laws protecting medical use of marijuana, and the state of Iowa may be next.

    To understand what is going on, one must understand that federal drug law is, and always has been, and unfunded mandate. Because state drug law makes the same activity illegal (possession of marijuana, for example), the unfunded part of the federal drug law is normally taken care of by the states.

    When the states tinker with state drug law, such as legalizing the medical use of marijuana, this presents a dilemma for the federal government: (1) to step in and take up the slack; or (2) back off. The Obama Administration has chosen the hands off approach

    Federal drug law is actually a contract with the states. The contract requires each of the parties to do their part in upholding the contract. Because the states have the power to amend federal drug law by way of the Administrative Procedures Act, the states have failed to uphold their part of the contract. Of the 13 states that have legalized the medical use of marijuana, not one of them has asked the federal government to remove marijuana from its current classification as a substance with no accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.

    Thus, you see the dilemma for the federal government and the Obama Administration and why they have issued the new federal medical marijuana policy. Now, it’s time for the states to uphold their end of the bargain – by telling the federal government to reclassify marijuana. Iowa can do this. Let’s make it happen. Yes, President Obama did, and yes, we can.

  35. So some Americans can have their medicine but the rest can’t? Is this a sample of the new health care bill?

    SOME! Americans really got ripped on this one, it’s not good enough, what kind of policy is this?

    We will let a few Americans have medicine but not the rest????? Is this what the health care bill is going to be like?

  36. Wow, JJ you have no idea what you’re talking about. You say, “stop killing Americans”. What do you think marijuana does. I love when pot smokers say, “oh marijuana doesn’t kill people”. Guess what, it does. Smoking 1 or 2 joints a day runs the same risk for cancer as a pack of cigarettes. Marijuana is a schedule 1 drug because it has no medical purpose. JJ if you want you’re liver to stop rotting stop drinking idiot. They should legalize it and have it only dispensed at pharmacies – SO PHARMACISTS, LIKE ME, CAN TELL YOU NO YOU CAN’T HAVE IT.

  37. Kid Kaya, how does JJ make a good point? So when you have a headache, smoke marijuana. This is retarded. Why wouldn’t you just take an aspirin or NSAID? Why would you want to take a drug(marijuana) that will give you many other side effects. Also, JJ complains about the poor drug addicts having to get pain meds. Come on, you can’t solve a problem with another problem. JJ complains about health care cost, guess what marijuana is adding to it.

  38. Hello Andrew(#49) , I can’t find the #’s from 08, but in 2000 there were 76,006 deaths caused by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin. Granted, they were not all caused by aspirin but still, that’s alot of people. Cannabis killed 0. the other side effects you mention cannabis having are found pleasurable to many people. So I have a “fun” safe alternative to aspirin, so why not use it? As for your claim that cannabis is adding to our health care costs, please link me to that study, I have never read it.

  39. Smoking 1 or 2 joints a day runs the same risk for cancer as a pack of cigarettes.

    Show us even one bit of evidence for that claim. You won’t be able to find it.

    You’re a pharmacist, huh? I guess it’s a good thing they’re having you fill orders instead of requiring you to actually know anything about medicine. Clearly you’d be putting people at risk if you were the one writing the prescriptions.

  40. Andrew, I can get 10,000 dollars for you if you can prove that weed is more harmful than alcohol or tobacco.

    Personally I think somebody in this board invented Andrew to give us a target to heave our truths at

    . Nobody could really be that ignorant about weed at this point…Could they?

  41. A quick, unscientific poll:
    How many of us have taken the two minutes to write the President a note of support on this? We’re not saying it’s perfect. We’re not saying this is the final step. We’re just saying this is a step in the right direction and we, the voters, taxpayers, and citizens, are glad to see this happen. How many of us?

    Just post back saying you’ve dropped an email to the President (you can reach him at this site: )

    Are we really speaking out where it counts, or are we just talking to each other?

    Carpe Diem!

  42. Andrew is just simply talking out of his ass. He thinks that since he is a pharmacist that he knows medicine. Fact point is that pharmacists are there just to give you the drugs, you know, the ones that kill millions of citizens a year and are still legal. Doctors are the ones that know medicine and is why they are the ones writing the perscriptions. Andrew, instead of being a RERE just shut up and do your job of filling those pill bottles. That is what your job is, not to tell people what they can and cannot do in their own homes.

    Also, who said I drink? I have not taken a drink since my Best friend died in a DD accident in 03. SO, andrew, just to put it in lamen’s terms, FUCK OFF.

  43. Also, you dont tell people what medicine they can have…….you are in fact the one that is not making any sense since you have no idea what you are talking about. Go take a Percocet and an oxycotin and rot your liver and do the rest of the world a favor.

  44. Also, a fact, vaporized weed is the way to go. Smoking anything is bad for you but the comparison of 1-2 joints a day being as bad for you as a few packs of cigs….LMAO….you need to open your mind and pull your head out of your ass.

  45. Andrew is obviously in cahoots with the Pharmaceutical Industry. He admitted that he’s a Pharmacist.

    Pharmacist’s are indoctrinated to think that all herbal medicine is not good or useful. Good thing the patients don’t believe such lies. My sibling is also a Pharmacist and this was his way of thinking when he first graduated Pharmacy school. Things change when he hit the real world, and now he believes in Medical Marijuana as well as many other Pharmacist.

    Unfortunately, some are naive enough to believe anything they read in a book without questioning the facts.

    So where do the Pharmacist and Physicians get all their education from with all the new drugs the Pharmaceutical companies are pumping out everyday? You’ll be surprised to know that they are being educated and instructed by Med Reps of the Pharmaceutical companies that have no medical degrees whatsoever. All you need is a GED or High School Diploma to qualify for the job. It’s really a sales job more than anything.

    Think I’m lying?? Go ask your doctor or pharmacist where they get their education from with all the new drugs that are coming out everyday?? It’s not as if these Pharmacist or Physicians go back to school to learn anything new. They merely rely on the information provided by the sales people. (Med Reps) You can usually spot Med Reps in doctors offices, well dressed sales people usually with some donuts and coffee for the whole clinic staff.

    Here’s a video from a doctor telling the truth:

    Perhaps we need some Medical Marijuana Reps going door to door educating these Pharmacist and Physicians on the truth!!!

  46. Lea#35, I was referring to the plant compounds that they patented,Not the Drug they eventually made from them, Yes I know it does NOT work in all cases. Especially mine!
    #Andrew- Set your Propaganda Training on the shelf, Get online to the A.M.A. National Institute of Medicine, American College of Physicians just start with those few and when you are done I do not think you will be talking this way for long. If you do, You are just plain Ignorant and I damned sure would not want you filling MY prescriptions.

  47. Hi Joel #38 – My level of compassion for those ignorant souls that support Prohibition is null and void.

    #42: Would be nice to be the fly on the wall at this meeting, 2009 California Narcotics Officers –
    45th Annual Training Institute Equipment & Services Expo
    November 21-24, 2009 – Hilton San Francisco Union Square – San Francisco, CA

    Click on that logo and then click on the Check out the Promotional Video

    Andrew: Go to hell.

  48. JJ, your comment that pharmacists are just there to hand over your meds and doctors know everything about medicine, I can see you’re pretty misinformed. Medical students take one pharmacology course, while pharmacist take medicinal chemistry, molecular pharmacology, biopharmaceutics pharmacokinetics, pharmaceutics, drug information, pathophysiology and therapeutics with multiple courses in each one – the list goes on. Pharmacists are the experts on medication – look it up, this is A KNOWN FACT!
    As for Genetix, you say we get most of our information from drug reps, you’re crazy. Drug reps learn of the few basic drugs there companies market. A drug rep might give us insight to a new drug on the market, however as a pharmacist we research it ourselves and determine what we think.
    Last JJ you should actually find out about a clinical pharmacist in a hospital before you talk, who do you think the doctor’s call when they need a recommendation of a med or need to know how to dose a medication properly? Why don’t you research some of the pharmacy schools to see what we learn before you open your mouth. Obviously you based your decision off of retail pharmacy, problem is we all have a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree!

  49. Genetix
    How do we learn about new meds?
    It’s called continuing education. It’s part of being a professional, you have lifetime learning an intense amount of knowledge, you wouldn’t know that b/c you’re too worried about smoking pot.

  50. JJ,
    As a pharmacist, if I feel a medication is not in the best interest of the patient I HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE THE SCRIPT. Go ahead tell yourself weed doesn’t cause cancer, I’ll talk to you in 20 years. Smoking weed or cigarettes can cause cancer, emphysema, COPD, the list goes on. The reason they never correlated it in the beginning is b/c in most studies the marijuana smokers smoked cigarettes. But if you understand how cancer is caused, it’s easy to understand why smoking weed can lead to cancer. It’s in the literature, for those of you who deny it, oh well I’ll see you in the hospital.

  51. By the way, the reason 1-2 joints are as bad as a pack of smokes is mainly because larger inhalations are taken off joints and people keep it down in their lungs longer than cigarette smoke.

  52. There are several different ways that smoking cigarettes or marijuana can cause cancer. Here’s proof of one. You want to know why when you smoke and you get sick you can’t clear your throat as well and you tend to cough more or are more prone to respiratory infections. Two reasons one is the cilia on those cells in your trachea are paralyzed from the smoke. The second is those cells in your trachea that secrete mucus(ciliated columnar epithelial cells) are replaced by different cells(stratified squamous epithelial) that do not secrete mucus – this is called metaplasia, which is also caused from the smoke. Metaplasia is frequently a precursor to malignancy. Metaplasia also occurs in people with chronic gastric reflux and is called Barrett esophagus, however the cells are switched around because your body wants the mucus secreting cells in your esophagus to protect it from the acid in your stomach. THIS IS A KNOWN FACT. My professor for pathophysiology got his PhD. from Yale and taught pathophysiology at Yale medical school before coming to my school. I think I have a reliable source. If you still don’t believe me here’s a study.
    Sarafian TA, Magallanes JA, Shau H, et al. Oxidative stress produced by marijuana smoke: An adverse effect enhanced by cannabinoids. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol 1999;20:1286-1293.

    ENOUGH SAID! Any physician that says their is no risk is not looking out for the best interest of their patient.

  53. By the way, Andrew (if that’s his real name) has got his mind made up. Let’s not confuse him with the facts. All he has is bumper sticker slogans and the usual tripe.

  54. Andrew : You’re full of SH-T. It’s obvious you probably just got out of med school with the way your thinking. Physicians won’t even agree with you anymore.

    Here’s a video from a doctor telling the truth:

    Your continuing education is equivalent to being handed a brochure from a med rep. How do I know this? Because I have several Pharmacist and Physicians in my family. Your continuing education is based on whatever brochures you feel like reading and believing. Pharmacists don’t actually conduct any lab experiments, but solely rely on information provided by big pharma.

    Real research shows Cannabis is Medicine.

    Here’s a whole list of videos for you to research:

    So do you honestly think the Federal Government has been intentionally killing those patients on the IND program since 1976 up to now? Perhaps you should tell them to stop growing it at the University of Mississippi since it’s KILLING everyone.

    Funny how in over 10,000 years of use, not one person has died or acquired cancer from marijuana!?!? Where are all the dead bodies ANDREW?!?!?! Isn’t Marinol a pharmaceutical drug that derived from Marijuana???

    Go back to reading and believing your text books you nerd!!!

    BTW, there’s a new movie out “Reefer Madness”. It’s all true….believe everything you read and are told to do so.

  55. Like I said, ANDREW just got out or is still in Pharmacy School!!!!

    Maybe when you hit the real world and get stuck serving pills in the back of a counter at Walmart, you’ll come to your senses!!!!

    HAHAHAHA……..ROFL….. LOL….LOL!!!!

  56. Dumb ass, Marinol is in a tablet form – you don’t smoke it. Just because a molecule is derived from a substance doesn’t mean it will have the same effects. I guarantee you don’t have any pharmacists in your family b/c you have no respect for all of the knowledge they have to offer. I bet you guys think chronic marijuana smokers don’t get addicted.

  57. Wow you got your info from this guy on youtube, he’s not even a real physician, he’s a chiropractor(DC). I love when people get titles after their names and they start up with conspiracies. You’ll have these people in all professions, but you have to overlook them. They prey on the lay person b/c they don’t know better. You gotta remember it’s a lot easier to scare people into believing a conspiracy or a cover-up. Healthcare professionals that do this are out for the money. They know people will buy into it and will follow. You talked about herbal supplements, it’s not that we do not like them, it’s just some can cause major interactions. Prime example, St. John’s Worth interacts with many foods and drugs, it bothers me that pharmacies actually sell this to make money. Also, the people that say vaccines are bad – we have a life expectancy of 80 now compared to average age of 50 in the early 1900s. People die from chronic illnesses now, instead of acute illnesses like polio, pneumonia, etc. Or the people that say “It’s all natural so it’s safe” that’s bullshit nicotine is a natural alkaloid that can cause hypertension or kill you in high doses(over 40mg), snake venom is natural and can kill you, so is Jimsom weed(eat this shit and you’ll hallucinate for 11 days and throw feces all over yourself). On the comment how he says to look it up on google, your doctor and pharmacist does. They train us in school how to research for medical literature and evaluate it. In most cases you can run a google search, however, you need to know how to evaluate information. Many healthcare facilities have subscriptions to lexi-comp drugs online, pubmed, and online facts and comparisons and many others. I find it easier to use these to find accurate information. What I can suggest, is when searching the internet for healthcare information under google go under advance search and under domain type .edu or .gov this way you will get reliable information. Try to stay away from many of the .coms unless you know you can trust them. If you’re unsure about something you can check it out at You can take my advice or not, many of us are in these professions to help people, not to scare you with conspiracies. Yeah, it’s always good to get a second opinion, but this guy states it as if most doctors are very shady. Again, I am just trying to help.

  58. Did I hurt your little p.p. Andrew 🙁 LOL!!!

    Fortunately, the Pharmacist in my family are open minded and accept natural medicine despite what they were taught in school.

    Keep poppin’ those pills Andrew……or smoke a joint, it’s a lot safer than those synthetic drugs you are pushing… LOL

    Its ashamed how your little brain has been led to believe in authority for truth, instead of the truth being the authority.

    I’ll light one up just for you………one day you little brain will be enlightened.

    Sorry, if I come across as an ASSHOLE!


  59. You might want to read up on marijuana, and here’s a good starting point Andrew.

    But please don’t stop there …. there are thousand of credible studies by doctors world wide that would effectively discredit you.

    Q: Does marijuana cause cancer?

    “There is no conclusive evidence that marijuana causes cancer in humans, including cancers usually related to tobacco use.”

    And a book all “pharmacist” should read is: This Is Your Country on Drugs by Ryan Grim.

  60. This is not primary literature it means nothing check out my reference. There no reference to this, that’s doesn’t mean anything. Here is a primary literature article that’s peer reviewed. I think I would go by this.
    Sarafian TA, Magallanes JA, Shau H, et al. Oxidative stress produced by marijuana smoke: An adverse effect enhanced by cannabinoids. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol 1999;20:1286-1293.

  61. Andrew:
    Chronic users of anything will get addicted and have health problems. Got government? It makes many sick due to the over use of it. Got lies?

    Shall I continue?

  62. wait wait wait….

    he said lets see where I am at in 20 years….

    LOOK at your mama and papa, I bet they are doing fine still smoking that puff puff pass shit.
    How many hippie’s are dead cause weed? NONE…


    and here is my last point that even OBAMA himself couldnt come up with an answer for, “WHY ARE AMERICANS NOT ALLOWED TO DO A NON-VIOLENT ACT IN THEIR HOUSE IF WE ARE NOT HARMING ANYONE (anyone in this case can inculude the person him or her self). Even if we are *which we’re not* killing ourselves, who the hell are you to step in and tell me that, even though I pay federal and state taxes and help HALF the existing population who doesnt work have money to live off, I should go to jail for my acts? Have you ever been molested? Ever been chased around your house by your step dad with an AXE cause he was in a drunken stuper? I have. I was 8. The guy got 2 years in a county prison. My best friend got arrested and put in FEDERAL prison for having 10 plants and possesion of 45 pounds of weed that he burried on his property. Term of prison sentance: 10 years.

    Plain out right and for the LAST time, fuck you andrew. Watch someone die three or four times in a nursing home cause of Cancer, HIV, any illness that MJ is KNOWN to help…….help with…quality of life should be more important that quantity anyways….

    SO F.U. and when the battle ground is even and WHEN MJ is legal what should we do with your prohib ass? HANGIN”? PRISON TERM? name it….KILLING AMERICAN PEOPLE IS TREASON, PUNISHABLE BY DEATH. Its in the constitution. There is a document for you to read.

  63. another point, just cause you have an education does not mean you are educated. You dont have a clue what MJ does cause you wont open your ears. Another point, you said that you know medicine cause your degrees, then do you still fill scripts for Oxycotin and Xanex and other medicines that get people hooked on them and eventually either get put in jail cause YOU fed the addiction and got him or her to where they are now, or they are not caught by police and eventually die cause of liver and kidney malfunctions? You are killing people, sir. not me. so, again, f.u.

  64. and your little comparison to cig smoke to mj smoke. there is no comparison. I quit smoking 4 years ago. started smoking one mj cig for 3 regular tobacco cigs. I can run a mile now to where back when I had only smoked tobacco for 2 years, I couldnt even run one lap around a track…so screw your analysist. FU

  65. Andrew-15 Postings from you and NOT 1 link posted for anyone to follow to substantiate your claims, Most all chemicals have their downside, burning anything changes chemical composition and produces certain toxins, Well known fact.
    As a matter of fact, So Far,Smoking is the only legitimate Health concern when it comes to consuming it. I prefer making cookies.
    You appear to be trying to Educate people, COOL, Well, Where is your proof? Come on, Calling you out here,Your “Statements” are not proof just because you “Claim” to know what you are talking about, Give us the Links to follow so we can read them for ourselves and see WHERE the Information is from, WHAT study and WHO conducted it.
    If you think for one moment that we are all just a bunch of Illiterate and Ignorant Potheads you are Sadly mistaken.
    If you want to argue, You need to do some reading FIRST!!!
    I put a few links in here for you,Just in case you don`t know how to do your own web search.

  66. Listen, anything that irritates your throat runs the possibility of promoting cancer. So believe what you want.
    JJ you say you pay taxes so others can stay at home. How much do you make a year, b/c if you’re making under 70k a year you don’t pay shit. Making under 70K you get most of your money back a the end of the year. Talk to me when you pay what I have to pay in taxes. Being that you smoke pot all the time you probably work at a fast food joint.
    “Just cause you have an education doesn’t mean you’re educated.”
    This is a very stupid comment. What your saying is that because you smoke something you think you know something about marijuana. We’ll see. Since you know so much tell me how marijuana works in your body(pharmacodynamics) and the mechanism of action, including what receptors it interacts with in your body. Then tell me pharmacokinetics(how the body works on the drug) of the drug, including it’s end metabolite.
    So sit their and believe you know more, you don’t know shit.

  67. lol….I am done with you. You have no idea what you are saying anymore. Look at the last 3 Presidents, ALL stoners. Your worthless arguements are just that, worthless. You should go to your Prohibition forums. You will get more of a response there. Like it or not, MJ will be legal within YOUR lifetime. FACT. END OF BLOG. END OF YOU THINKING YOU CAN TELL ME WHAT TO DO. SO ONCE AGAIN, F.U.

  68. Forget it JJ, This is just one person that actually enjoys hanging their Ignorance from the Flagpole for everyone to see, You can lead a Horse to water but it is not your fault when he dies from dehydration.

  69. Well done JJ, my friend.

    One thing that occurred to me is we’re going to be confronted by trolls, eh people like Andrew, the closer we get to ending Prohibition. Therefore my fellow MJ supporters we really could stand to have more knowledge at our individual feet to shoot down whatever they say.
    What I’ve done is start a paper file. Yep it’s been a lot of ink and printing but worth it when I want to look up something. And there are several articles saved under a temp file on the computer.
    Good practice session.
    Maybe the troll is in a medical mj state and had a dispensary open up a few doors down! Probably lost 1/3 of his/her business, or more.

  70. OH, one question really quick for MPP and Ben, would you please quick reference Andrew some sites where he, or people like myself and Lea, can go to learn about the FACTs of MJ that disprove any and ALL myths

  71. Don, on that post about the pharma research, it says that MJ can be injected introveneously (wrong spelling)….i never knew MJ could be injected? thats weird…

  72. JJ-If true,You learn something new every day, I like to look at All the possible angles BEFORE I make a decision to take sides on ANY subject.
    SHAME on those that think we are just worthless Stupid Stoners.

  73. Andrew… We like it and it works. After 40 years of mostly daily use I am still healthy and never had a serious illness. My Mother who is 67, has been using much more than I for much longer and according to her Dr. she is the picture of health. Your claims of the terrible evils of cannabis are kind of unlikely from an long term cannabis users perspective. Maybe you should put your books down and go outside and play.

  74. patent number 6,630,507 states unequivocally that cannabinoids are useful in the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of diseases including auto-immune disorders, stroke, trauma, Parkinson’s, Alzeheimer’s and HIV dementia. The patent, awarded in 2003 is assigned to the US Dept. of Health and Human Services. geezs! I hope Andy doesn’t have to hand out THIS evil carcinogenic drug…lol

  75. Andrew, even Walmart won’t hire you with your ignorance when and if you graduate.

    All the US Presidents have admitted to SMOKING MARIJUANA….I guess they’re all losers in your little mind…..

    I hope you get stuck paying your student loans without a job you DRUG PUSHER!!! Hopefully your Pharmacist Techs will piss in your coffee cup every morning!!! LOL

  76. It’s ok, let marijuana control your life, I can tell you’re addicted. All you fucking care about is marijuana. It will NEVER become legal. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. If it does, you will probably be ninety and on your deathbed. LOL LOL LOL LOL At least I don’t have to worry about a drug you’re addicted to becoming legal. All you guys worry about is a drug that controls your life. You guys have smoked so much you can’t be told anything. Have fun blowing your money on pot – fucking losers. You’ll never have shit to show for it and you’ll never get anywhere in life. Most employers don’t employ drug users. Down the road when I run the corporation I work for I am going to mandate DRUG HAIR TEST(which you can’t get around) to keep losers out, just like you. So that’s 150,000 less jobs you will have to pick from. LOL LOL LOL. Hey genetix my parents already paid for my $140,000 tuition, deal was don’t smoke pot, that was cake. GO WORK AT YOUR FAST FOOD RESTAURANT!

  77. LMAO- I have a degree In Business Management and was Gainfully Employed all my Adult life until a recent Disability took that from me and NOT by my Choice OR Fault, Smoked since was 18 and I am 47 Now- And I am a LOSER – LMAO

  78. And I did NOT have Mommy and Daddy to pay for my Education as they couldn’t afford it, I had to WORK my way through, What a spoiled Brat. lol

  79. Yeah probably b/c you got hurt under the influence of weed. You can get loans for school, don’t cry the blues to me. I still worked full time all throughout college. Also, when you go to professional school they will give you up to 48,000 a year. So what’s your excuse now.

  80. Sorry to disappoint you but my condition is hereditary and No my parents did NOT smoke, I worked while in Extreme pain for the last 6 years of my career before I could hardly move one day and ended up in the Hospital getting Major Back surgery on 3 levels, Still have a problem with nerve damage, I enjoyed what I did, and with yearly Bonus it took my salary up to 78,000 +, Which was enough for me, Family time is Important too, What is money without some time to enjoy it and Life in general.
    You are just a close minded little putz that deserves NO more of MY Time- BYE!!!

  81. Dear Andrew,

    Congratulations on your educational and career accomplishments.

    Of course people on this forum talk marijuana, marijuana, marijuana. This is a marijuana policy forum.

    If we were at a sports talk forum, folks would be saying, Yankees, Angels, Phillies, Favre, Jeter, etc. etc.

    IF your pseudo-links contained names like Tashkin, Abrams, etc. you might, at least, get credit for being unbiased.

    I don’t believe that legalizing marijuana will put a huge crimp in your income potential. Folks are STILL gonna need pharmaceuticals. Dude, if I am in the emergency room with kidney stone BIG pain, I am not going to tell the doctor to hold off on the Dilaudid, so I can go to the parking lot and smoke a doobie.

    You and your peers will have job security, and don’t need to worry that marijuana is going to cut into your business.

    As for your drug testing aspirations…
    would you resort to breathalyzers at the time clock to prevent still drunk employees from working their shift?

  82. Maggy #106: They TRY to Erroneously include Maryland.
    SUMMARY: Maryland’s legislature passed a medical marijuana affirmative defense law in 2003. This law requires the court to consider a defendant’s use of medical marijuana to be a mitigating factor in marijuana-related state prosecution. If the patient, post-arrest, successfully makes the case at trial that his or her use of marijuana is one of medical necessity, then the maximum penalty allowed by law would be a $100 fine.

    MEDICAL MARIJUANA STATUTES: Maryland Darnell Putman Compassionate Use Act, §5-601(3)(II) (2003).

  83. all the people who want it legalized only want to smoke legally.
    for the candidates that trully need it for medical purposes, i think its fine. But thats not up to us.

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