How Big Is Tonight’s Win?

Nov 04, 2008 , ,

Consider this: As I write this, with 67% of precincts reporting, marijuana decriminalization is passing in Massachusetts with 65% of the vote. Obama, who is carrying the state handily, is getting 62%.

In Michigan it’s similar. With 40% of the vote in, medical marijuana is passing with 63% while Obama is carrying the state with 55%.

And this is not just a blue state phenomenon. In 2004, George W. Bush carried Montana with 59% of the vote, while medical marijuana passed with 62%.

Memo to the new Congress and President-elect Obama: Sane marijuana policies are not controversial.

7 responses to “How Big Is Tonight’s Win?”

  1. This is great news!! I’m really waiting for the Alaska Supreme Court to decide the ACLU case. If they let the lower court ruling stand, it might be used as a precedent in 2010 or 2012 to fully legalize marijuana in several other states. That would be the ultimate victory.

  2. I’m elated by tonight’s voting results. Woo hoo! Let’s keep rolling along and push harder so that every state has chance of a policy change.

  3. Hooray for the USA and to MPP for the success this election cycle. We now have a window of opportunity. I hope to see Rob and MPP pushing sensible reform with Pelosi, Reid and Obama asap. Rep Frank’s bill is screaming out for passage.

    Also, I hope to see a nice 2 year campaign to oust Mark Souder. Mailers, radio, phone banks, the works. His pal Frank Wolf needs the same attention.

    Congratulations MPP!

  4. yes, this is so true.. I feel Once Obama has done some of the important and urgent stuff he has promised and has thus accumulated some political capital, he should seriously consider legalizing pot.. putting folks in jail (or at the very least stuffing a felony in their record) for distributing pot is nothing short of INSANE — not to speak of how grossly UNJUST it is to persecute folks for distributing and selling pot while nothing happens to folks selling and distributing much more pernicious stuff like tobacco and alcohol.

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