House Lifts Ban on D.C. Medical Marijuana Law

Dec 10, 2009 ,

The U.S. House of Representatives just voted 221-202 on the omnibus spending bill, which will allow Washington, D.C. to implement its medical marijuana law. The Senate will now take up the legislation; we expect it to pass there without any alterations. President Obama will sign the bill into law once the Senate has acted.

We expect all of this to happen very quickly; Congress and the president have until December 18 to finalize the legislation.

15 responses to “House Lifts Ban on D.C. Medical Marijuana Law”

  1. Thanks For the info Bruce.
    This is big, things seem to be moving ahead fast here in the US.

    Is My Medicine Legal Yet?

    I know its about time not to live in FEAR!

  2. if they vote for it, its a big win for us…. if they vote against it and the will of the people is not enforced then there will be a major outcry from all across the country….. they know this and fear it….. 1 GIANT step closer

  3. Thank God for that, DC. I’m hoping for a good outcome there and elsewhere across this great nation. New leaders will bring more changes, maybe. When will something start to happen here in Kentucky? My pain brings me to tears every day, because of fearing what would happen to me if I was foolish enough to break down and self medicate. But this news gives me hope and the strength to keep going one day at a time. Thanks Ben and all of you at MPP.

  4. This is for #2. Legalize It! Oh Yeah, if they vote against it and don’t follow the will of the people there will be a major outcry from all across the country….they know this and fear this. Dude or Dudette. ” The “they” you speak of DONT FEAR SHIT!! O.K. If you don’t believe this then think Kent State U back in the 60’s…”Four Dead in OHIO” read the headlines. Your major outcry will not be heard, just like it was not heard back in the day of the original vote. Don’t be so naive as to think this will happen. Think about it!!!! If Washington D.C., the place where all the legislation is passed supporting laws that make cannabis illegal, prohibited for everybody in the U.S. to use, well, at the Federal Level anyway, then this same Washington D.C. has legal medical cannabis, HEEELLLLLLOOOOOO!!!! DON’T YOU SEE ANY HYPOCRACY THERE AT ALL?????? This is where the DEA is, the ONDCP, and various other anti-cannabis organizations are. Wake Up. That is why they blocked the “People’s Will” the first time over 10 years ago. People’s Will my ass. We will have to become the people they make us out to be before they take us seriously, like the kind of people in the paper’s back in the time of Hearst newspapers where we went around KILLING Everybody cause we where MURDERER’S and other BAD THINGS. That is what it will take to get their attention. Back in the Good Old Days, Back in the USA, in the land of the Dollar Billllll, and they talk about it still. When a man named Al Capone, tried to make that town his own. When the forces of the LAW, went to war with the MOB. You truly are naive. I hope with all my heart and soul that this “Great Event” happens where the people get what they wanted in the first place even if it’s 10 years later, but I don’t see it happening because it would just be too overly blatant hypocrosy. And the American people would not rise up, they are good sheep and will just continue getting raped in the sphinctor for the rest of their miserable existence. Now after venting all my frustrations out about this WAR, I say 2 U.
    Peace, Love and Happiness to you all, F U can find it.

  5. #6…. how can anyone with any shred of common sense compare the 60’s to today? maybe you should think about the subject without getting high and overthinking…. sometimes its much better that way…. instead of making completely irrelavent thoughts

  6. #6 Does make some valid points, but I do not agree with the idea we must become the monsters that they sensationalized in the early days to make our point (that sounds mentaly ill).

  7. To ChristAlmighty… you see, Just Legalize is right, if only for one reason…we are now living in the “Information Age”. If you have internet access and the time and determination, you can definately keep tabs on what the “Powers that be” are up to and call them on their bullshit. It is improbable, if not impossible for our government to continue to be as oppressive as it was in the 60’s….can you seriously imagine Kent State happening today without the whole of the american public converging on the Whitehouse lawn? Transparency? We’ve already got it…

  8. Christ Almighty,

    People like you are giving the folks who need mmj a terrible rap, we are victims not matars for a cause. We will be heard and maybe here in Alaska we can get dipenceries finally, don’t believe what you hear about Ak, it’s a violent oppressed state, we gangs control mj and we the sick have to find ways to get our meds the hard way, makes me sad not angry that I cannot get med quality mj. But hopefully some Fay we will all be given the chance that folks in Cali, Wa, and Co. Have

  9. I have a letter that you can email or write to your US senators to let your voice be heard.

    I would like those who want to see this happen to take a few moments of your time to contact your senator/s and use this letter if you wish, as this was wrote

    specifically for this DC Medical Cannabis issue.

    Feel free to pass out or post this letter as you would like.

    I believe that if each senator receives this letter or a letter in support of this then this will happen.

    As a registered voter am writing this to let you know how I would like you to vote on the DC Medical Cannabis issue.

    I would like the will of the 69% of the voters who voted in support of this well over a decade ago to be granted.

    I personally know people who I love who’s quality of life will be improved by Medical Cannabis, yes they have a lifelong neurological disease that has no

    cure, and yes their doctor has recommended Medicinal Cannabis to them. But due to current laws there is no Legally valid medicine available to them at this


    Upon my loved one finding out and researching their Neurological condition they became aware that the US Health Dept. Yes that is right the US government has

    a patent on Cannabis as antioxidants and neuroprotectants the patent number is 6630507 below is a link to it.

    [CODE][/CODE]So now that the US government now recognizes its medical usefullness, but only in secret I ask you to vote accordingly now knowing this information.

    I also believe that ones course of treatment is best decided by ones OWN doctor and patient, not others who don’t even know said patient.

    I have even went and looked to see who voted how here at this link,

    [CODE][/CODE]I am a voter in your state, And I will be looking to see how you vote on this matter and I will be voicing my opinion on your vote to Every One I can, as

    well as across the web in my postings.

    I would like to Thank You for your time and consideration in this matter.

  10. All pro-marijuana or pro-hemp advocates should watch The Union. More info in the movie than I could ever say. The info counters every anti weed or anti hemp discussion on the table. Hemp and marijuana can save this economy, our pollution problem, and the deforestation problem!

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