Hillary Clinton Changes Her Tune on Marijuana Policy

Jun 18, 2014 ,

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seems to have changed her mind when it comes to marijuana policy, according to National Journal. Clinton had previously expressed that she did not want marijuana decriminalized, but thought research ought to be done into its benefits. On Tuesday, she appeared to be more acquiescent to a change in the law. Clinton called for more research to be done, without doubting the medical benefits. Hillary stopped short of making an endorsement, saying, “I think we need to be very clear about the benefits of marijuana use for medicinal purposes. I don’t think we’ve done enough research yet.”

When she came to the issue of whether it should be legal for adults to use, Clinton said that states like Colorado and Washington have already reformed and that they are “laboratories of democracy.” Clinton claims to be holding out on forming her opinion until she has the evidence from the two states. Her change of heart mirrors that of the Democratic Party, which, as of late, has become more amenable to the case for making marijuana legal for adults to use, medically or otherwise.

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  1. Hillary begins by stating younger people could help her answer the questions about cannabis. She wants to appeal to younger voters.

    She wants clarity on the benefits of medical cannabis, and wants more research. For anecdotal effectiveness she is for availability to patients under appropriate circumstances. I guess that means the feds should stay the hell out of states that have legalized medical cannabis. I mean, if you have feds in there effing with things patients are going to lose out.

    Regarding legal recreational cannabis she thinks states are the laboratory of democracy, although she flubbed it and pronounced it as “labatory”. She wants to wait and see the evidence from the two states that have adult retail.

    (watched the video interviews with Hillary on CNN on HighTimes, and then watched the HighTimes video on Bill Clinton’s interview with Jorge Ramos)
    Here are my follow-up questions:

    1. If you want more research about it’s benefits, then are you for removing cannabis from Schedule I, if not from the schedule altogether?

    2. Why are the states laboratories of democracy for only recreational cannabis and not also for medicinal cannabis?

    3. What areas of evidence about adult recreational cannabis do you mean? Your husband admitted in an interview with Jorge Ramos that he wasn’t sure if legal cannabis would eliminate gang violence.

    4. Your husband, Bill, said he never denied he used marijuana in that same interview with Jorge Ramos. I don’t blame you for denying it, but do you really expect me to believe you didn’t even try it when you were younger?

    5. If Bill was toking it up and you are telling the truth, Hillary, then who was he toking it up with? He has a reputation as having been quite the womanizer back in the day, so was he smoking it up with the other women and all the stories about the sex the cover-up. A little bit of both? Better yet, just forget I asked this question because if Bill was toking it up it was likely with more than just the women, who could been who he got it off of, you know, and anybody else guys or gals just want to stay in the cannabis closet.

    NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly was on a different video on Fusion from HT link and he said black market cannabis in Colorado was cheaper than legal, think I saw that on one of those tv documentaries with a guy hiding his face saying that. It’s still street weed, and you take the seller’s word because there’s no testing and labeling. When the hell was the last time you bought street weed that came with a name and labeling like legal Colorado cannabis? Kelly never said whether he was for or against cannabis being in Schedule I, just that it was something for the Supreme Court’s involvement and then later that it was something for Congress.

    Kelly said politicians ought to have a wait and see attitude about issues regarding legal recreational in Colorado and Washington. He wants to see if cannabis is a gateway to other drugs. The illegal sellers still might be offering other drugs out of the other pocket. Legal sellers will absolutely not be selling coke, heroin, meth, XTC, whatever.

    Kelly ended the interview saying that both medical and recreational are illegal at the federal level and it’s something that will be decided by the Supreme Court.

    The Supreme Court! You mean the Supreme Court ruled against medical cannabis already, like in Gonzales versus Raich, and nobody freakin’ gives a shit. States are still doing it. More states are legalizing for medical purposes, and others are planning on legalizing recreational.

    The Supreme Court ruled, and the Supreme Court is wrong, and nobody gives a shit what the Supreme Court wrote regarding cannabis except for people like Kelly.

    I just can’t see Hillary getting young people to vote for her if she doesn’t say she’s for removing cannabis from the Schedule, at least from Schedule I. I mean, she’s got to be smart enough to grasp we want the feds to stop blocking medical research into the good things about cannabis.

  2. …Colorado and Washington have already reformed and that they are “laboratories of democracy.” Clinton claims to be holding out on forming her opinion until she has the evidence from the two states.

    This “experimental” narrative is disturbing given the fact that Colorado and Washington are in no way or in any instance “laboratories”.

    The free States of Colorado and Washington are two sovereign States in a union of fifty States known , Worldwide, as The United States of America.

    Both of these free States are governed by the rule of Law.

    This experimental/temporary narrative plays fast and loose with the very concept of Law!

    If any “law” is an experiment , then all laws must be seen as temporary experiments for those awaiting the “results”?

    The Citizens of each one of the fifty States in our union decide the law.

    The Constitutional duty of those persons we Citizens hire/elect is to simply codify the will of the People…according to the will of the People.

    There is no experiment pending in the free States of Colorado and Washington.

    Ms. Clinton is quite mistaken.

    The free Citizens of Colorado and Washington simply decided to permanently dismiss a wrongful law.

    The law is the law or it isn’t!

    Which will it be?…time will surely tell.

    If I ever meet any politician who doesn’t speak out of both sides of their mouths…I won’t wash my hand after I shake theirs!

  3. I believe Hilary is all for removing it from Schedule I but don’t blame her for taking a cautious approach. She may stand to alienate enough voters if she were to show unwavering support. Also, it would give the GOP a fear-mongering attacking point. And really, no need to make the splash as the ship has finally started to come about on the efficacy of medical marijuana and it’s relatively harmless recreational use. My vote in the next election will be based solely on the candidate’s position on marijuana. But that’s only because I don’t believe anything else they spew…

  4. My vote in the next election will be based solely on the candidate’s position on marijuana. – Mike

    Mike’s comment illustrates a growing awareness that cannabis legalization is fast becoming an important to critical issue among potential voters.

    Those politicians who plan on being re-elected/ re-hired would be wise to take notice…and act accordingly to the will of the people who will either send them back to their office or send them looking for another job.

  5. Does anyone know Illinois candidate Bruce ( 1%er) Rauner’s position on medical cannabis and cannabis legalization?

    Illinois needs a 1%er Governor like cotton pickers needed an Overseer?

    I’m positive every person who believes HB 1 should survive
    after the four year sunset/expiration date will vote for our Governor Quinn.

    Super Rich Republican Rauner may be opposed to medical cannabis?…who knows???

    I have no idea how a man who makes over 50 million bucks per year can’t afford a 50 dollar watch?…unless he is pretending to be a “common man of the People”.

    Why would anyone so $uper Rich want to be Governor of The State of Illinois?

    Perhaps the super rich have run out of stuff to buy?

    Are our States the new $tatus $ymbol?

    A vote for Pat Quinn is a vote for a man who possesses genuine compassion for those he represents.

    A vote for Rauner is a vote for a 1%er who thinks we are fools who can be manipulated with his personal fortune?

    I sincerely hope we prove him wrong!…at the voting booth.

  6. This is from the same politician who was calling for a ramping up on the war of drugs a few years ago. Can we really trust her?

    We need a real progressive who is a solid pro-cannabis candidate in the DNC, not a lukewarm, 1%-coddling, DEA-huggin pseudo-liberal like Clinton.

    • You are so right. She will say and do anything to further her career. If only the masses could see what the truth is..

    • When they say ” leave it up to the states ” that is code for take away rights. Even when states decriminalize it, veterans with ptsd can’t use it and get care at the VA. If thc is detected in their blood they are kicked out of the VA. Also, until things change at the federal level, states will continue to bust pot users and throwing away the key so they can keep getting that federal welfare, in the neighborhood of millions. Pot users are more passive and therefore easier to imprison. Which also means more tax dollars and more jobs.

  7. I’m sorry to need to say this, but you fellows have given me a headache. Ms. Clinton’s remarks were clear and in plain English as lawyers are taught to communicate early on, and you guys have rocketed off like super-balls on a racquetball court and created a huge snarl of string about a yard high. Colorado has legalized and is, so far, regulating cannabis use in an extremely conservative manner (too bad nobody can do that with alcohol, tobacco, and deadly chemical drugs including Rx). The main things outrageous about our legalized marijuana are the 25% tax and 1 unbelievably hysterical witch on Denver city council who is sure that if a minor sees cannabis in use the minor will be bent for life, so everything should remain behind closed doors. Heh.

  8. Unless Hillary Clinton comes out and declares that she will fight for the re-legalization of cannabis and do every thing in her power to remove cannabis from schedule one, I will not vote for her.

  9. well hillary that reaserch they did on all the addictive pain medication did the USA no good what so ever i think the government including the FDA who nstill passed the patent probally contribution were paid to the campain. I beleave the FDA should be sued for all the people who have gotten hooked on them. Marijuana has never had that addictive quality the pills do. the funny part about it is the citizens pay the price for all of your mistakes. I will smoke marijuana for pain before i ever take another opoid painkiller in my life and you no what when i stop im not sick for 20 days or at all for that matter so you guys really need to take a good look at your research because the government has cause more problems and never take reasponsability for your own actions. I think you guys should start listeing to the people in this country and maybe it wouldnt be in the position it’s in today. one more thing i think you guy should figure out what schedule drugs mean because everyone in this country know and admits marijuana is not schedule 1 maybe 61 tobacco should be schedule 1 because it’s the most addictive drug than the rest of any drug in my opinion

  10. The political state of New York is corrupt and seeking to keep marijuana as a schedule 1 classified drug thanks to Andrew Coumo and his against the will of the people, and for his lobbyers; Big Pharma, alcohol and the most dangerous of them all; DEA and police propaganda.

    Even though he seems to kind of accept medical marijuana his guidelines make organics impossible to use, ailment qualifications are so few that 95% of applicants will not qualify, legalizing it is out of the question and he is part of the organization to take Colorado and Washington’s people’s choice action and propaganda turn it into an illegal activity.

  11. I think it should be legalized in all fifty states alcahol is legal and we have deaths everyday from drunk drivers normally people who smoke pot or marihuana are non violent and just want to be peaceful I’ve smoked lots of pot in my 40 years of life and it’s never caused me to have bad judgement or get violent the most adverse effect I’ve ever had was the munchies I’m all for legalization in the entire United States not only for medical but for recreational use I’m a vet suffering from PTSD I am on so many pills to control blood pressure anxiety and numerous other ailments but nothing calms me down or takes the pain away like smoking a joint this goes out to all you men and women of congress outlaw the real drug alcohol leave the pot smokers alone who’s ever seen a angry pot head no one because it take the anger and turns it into peace and friendship signed a vet with a serious problem with this so called free country were not free we’re more of a communism that China or Russia do this or do that by our rules or you’ll go to prison hell you can rape a woman or molest a child and get less time than if you get caught with a joint now where is the sain logic in that we the people need to take back our country and get rid of all this political bullshit

    • Amen but I just wanna add that it’s not just VETS who suffer from PTSD/DEPRESSION, got to consider the children of pill users, children of addicts and children of police officers and such early marijuana treatment is crucial. Point made clear by treatment in children and VETS already!!!

  12. I don’t care what she says she is evil period and will never get my vote. Oh and the research has been done, more is being done but the 30,000 papers on marijuana is enough evidence already to take off the drug schedule.

    • you speak the plain truth, she will say anything to get power and has been proven to be for the 1% and now with all these leaks we’re getting to see just how evil these people are

  13. Why is anyone surprised at politicians acting like politicians?

    Everyone has two sides of their mouth…Politicians/Lawyers are taught( early on) to speak out of both sides… fluently …if falsely.

    I will vote for Ms. Clinton if she advocates cannabis legalization…just in case it’s true?

    Who would have ever thought cannabis legalization would become a deciding issue among voters?

    • Bernie Sanders is TRULY the only option. All the rest are corporatists. Bernie is not only on the right side of the marijuana issue, he’s on the right side of MOST issues. I too will vote for Sanders in the primary, and win or lose, I will vote for him in the general election as well.

  14. I have multiple sclerosis, I am a female 39 yrs. Old. Marijuana helps with pain for me, spasticity, & anxiety, not to mention head aches & nausea. I believe I shouldn’t have to feel like a mother who is abudising a drug. It would take the anxiety of me more. I’m a Christian lady & I just wanna have less anxiety over this issue! If alcohol which is so deadly can be legal. Why can’t marijuana? Thnx your friend Chrissy Riedmiller

  15. I am a therapeutic musician and while doing research on healing arts therapies I discovered that big pharm funds 60% of clinical testing and also outsources to third world countries for these tests for all those prescription drugs with a long list of side effects including death, which the FDA approves!

    We have technology such as MRI, CT scans, brain scans that prove that some alternative medicines do work! If we could change the random clinical testing used on meds to our new technology methods — we will prove without a doubt that it works better than any manufactured drug out there. You may understand how much money cancer brings in the billions to the health care industry. Is the same reason that big pharm, politicians, insurance, etc are trying to avoid approving this natural drug!

    We have some of the best soil and fresh water in the world in Illinois. Farming industry is in big trouble with the droughts–it seems like common sense to use our land again for farming organic food and pot to improve our economy and quality of life! Instead I see empty parking lots and empty warehouses using up this valuable land with what they call progress? If I could change the world with some good dirt and water, I would feed the entire world and light up a fatty! Let’s get busy people –we the people are in charge of these idiots in government–stop acting so powerless and speak up!
    Love and light, Sharone

  16. Well, that’s the final straw. I won’t vote for her even if she wins the primary. I just won’t vote at all since Bernie Sanders is the ONLY good candidate. If he doesn’t win the primary and then the election, I will burn the American flag live on YouTube. Why? Because if Bernie loses, it will ONLY be because someone else BOUGHT the election. If someone other than Bernie wins this time, I’m calling time of death for the United States. I will ONLY vote for a person who fulfills ALL of the following criteria:

    1. Must be FOR complete gay equality

    2. Must for FOR complete legalization of marijuana, so cautious approach allowed, this thing has been illegal for far too long as it is and I’m not willing to give it more time now

    3. Must be AGAINST free trade agreements, especially with China

    4. Must be 100% anti-corporation

    5. Must want to expand the welfare state

    6. Must be against going to war

    7. Must stand for separation of church and state, no exceptions

    Any candidate that fulfills all of the above, which is only currently Bernie Sanders, has my vote.

  17. why do we vote someone tell me why we keep putting the same rich people in office that lie and lie i mean donald trump hes playing the cards rite he is lie to all of you to obama lied to us bush lied hillarys bill lied. so they all lie and they will continue to do this because alot of the people in the us dont even understand what they are or who they are voting for. but i am going to say that donald trump is the next president but he is not going to allow for cannabis he will get in office and change it he does not want it hillary does not want it so lets put some one in office that wants it so dont vote for them. stop voting put it down the president is no more than the queen of england he is just a frount to cover up the $$$$$$$$$$$ money grubbing rich people like donald and hillary clinten there both rich and at the end of the day they dont give a fuck about you or yur family at the end of the night they will go home and they wil watch the news and say well i wasnt there it wasnt me thats all that matters hillary thats rite bill what do you think donald well i dont care aslong as they got money and they keep making me richer me to donald and they all laugh at us and we just keep taking it in the fucking ass. those and all things that were put here by good no man should be aloud to jug. i want someone in office thats going to stop all this childs play and grow the fuck up

  18. To all Pennsylvania and US lawmakers, court officials, and law enforcement officers—

    I am a taxpaying Pennsylvania native, Reverend, Eagle Scout, and medical cannabis user for ADHD, depression, and anxiety. I have consulted with several excellent doctors and therapists, from various US states and other developed nations of the world including Germany, Israel, and Denmark— all of whom have seen that it is fitting and proper to recommended cannabis to me, including the great Dr Allan Frankel (http://www.greenbridgemed.com/ ). As a Pennsylvania native endowed by his creator with inalienable rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, as well as a First Amendment right to freedom of religious belief and practice, I demand that my medicine and my sacrament be legalized immediately and unconditionally for ADHD, depression, anxiety, and all other applicable medical conditions, as well as for religious purposes both Abrahamic and pagan. In fact I demand that this— the safest drug in the entire human pharmacopeia— be legalized recreationally and unconditionally for all adult human beings.

    All of us have pledged allegiance to a nation with liberty and justice for all. I expect you to live and act by that pledge— at all times. Any politician, court official, lawmaker, or law enforcement officer failing to endorse liberation against Prohibition in this the Cradle of Liberty is quite simply engaged in deeply un-American activity— a traitor to our pledge as Americans and an enemy of We the People.

    Who are any of you to come between free and educated citizens and their doctors and therapists?

    I demand that you do everything in and beyond your power to end the folly of this so-called War on Drugs immediately, and bring all of our Prisoners of War home.

    It is in the nature of war that all wars are wasteful. But not all wars are senseless.

    Yet to fight a war without applying the best available objective, empirical, scientific, and expert analyses, at all possible levels and opportunities— and without taking actions and crafting policies that implement the letter and spirit of the results of these findings— is to fight a war literally without intelligence… in both senses of the word.

    Sun Tzu dictates that to fight a war without intelligence, is to seek a guarantee that the war will be both wasteful and senseless.

    The War on Drugs is not an artful war, and it is not a war fought with intelligence— rather it is a malignant, superstitious relic from the dark ages… the World Wars, Jim Crow, and the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. Begun three score and eighteen years ago, in the ashes of the First Prohibition on alcohol, this Second Prohibition has in fact proven with each passing year to be even more baseless and reprehensible than its predecessor. Looking clearly and dispassionately at the evidence, we can only rationally conclude that the War on Drugs has been a senseless waste of human lives and treasure.

    This is America’s longest war. Make no mistake— this is a real war, a shooting war, with hundreds of thousands of real deaths and POWs. And it is at the same time a fake war, a manufactured war— launched upon lies, without a scrap of evidence, and continued flying in the face of decades of reputable scientific research and good intelligence. It is also a civil war… which our own governments are fighting against the people of the world. With our own money.

    This is a war that is tearing families and friends apart, making enemies of natural allies, and pitting brother against brother.

    This is a war that all of us are losing… right now, as I write this.

    We the People will no longer respect the authority of governments, or their attendant laws and agents, that wage civil war on their own people.

    Any governing body that upholds unscientific legislation of broadly and acutely harmful effect— in this, the 21st Century— deserves not just the scorn, but even the open rebellion of its constituents.

    Total. Civil. Resistance.

    In this 21st Century, we not just as Americans but as the most powerful single community in our global human civilization will face a host of cold, hard, life and death challenges, with the highest stakes imaginable— from artificial intelligence to disease control to mass extinction to genetic engineering to overpopulation to climate change, to name a few, and on to challenges we haven’t realized or even imagined yet.

    These are wars that will have to be fought with intelligence, and the vision to plan 40 or 400 years ahead… not 4 years ahead. To meet them successfully, the challenges of tomorrow demand of us today the broad and successful implementation of scientific recommendations— at the personal, local, federal, and global levels.

    The future is far too dangerous for us to accept anything but a humanistic government that believes in science, and proceeds in its policies from that belief. Because it is the choices we make today, on scientific issues like this one, that— taken together in the vast swirling whole of human endeavor across the globe— will decide whether the future of human civilization rests in shining cities, or in drowned worlds.

    Any government in the 21st Century— particularly one as large and powerful as the United States— that does not proceed from a basis of scientific principles, is more than merely quaint or obsolete.

    It is a menace to our survival. It is a menace, in fact, not only to the long term well-being and survival of its own citizens— but it is a menace to the survival of the human species as a whole.

    It is a wasteful war to reform such governments. It is even more wasteful to tear them down.

    But it is not a senseless war.

    Sisters and brothers— citizens of the world, my fellow Americans. It is time for us to find another way.

    It’s time for all of us to end this slow burning holocaust, this World Civil Class & Race War on a Selection of Drug Users. Together. It is time to speak out, to admit, to educate, to petition, to reform, and to rebel. It’s time to medicalize and to legalize. It’s time to release, rehabilitate, and reintegrate the Prisoners of War. It’s time to be humane, to be responsible, and to move on together— to the real challenges we share. Hand in hand.

    Science brought us to the Moon and Franklin. Superstition brought us to Salem and McCarthy.

    Help us to end this modern witch hunt. Around the world. Today.

    I’ll see you in the future.

    —The Reverend Casey McCarthy

  19. Why do people associate cannabis use with “younger people?” There are millions upon millions of Americans over the age 30, who have known the positive medical and physical effects of cannabis for many, many years. Some think long gone are the flower children. Where have they gone, you might ask? Well, they have become flower grandparents. I can tell you, cannabis has saved millions of people from becoming drug addicts. Yes, I said it. People addicted to pain medications for chronic pain. Would it not be better to rely upon a natural substance for pain relief and help with the many other ailments this plant can treat in order to provide a better quality of life instead a longer lines for subpar rehabilitation facilities, robbery victims for pain medication drug addicts, heroin addicts because heroin is cheaper than the medications they are addicted to, morgues full of overdose victims, or drug king pins ?

    I only wish our government would allow ALL Americans to have the luxury of being able to choose this form of medicine and not just the states that have wisened up to the fact that cannabis HELPS.

    If cannabis was legalized, this country could be out the financial deficit we find ourselves in, within a few years.

    There could be money in the coffers for our Disabled Veterans, our Mentally Ill. The mentally ill in this country are treated like criminals. They, along with millions of Veterans who suffer from the traumas of fighting other people’s wars, may actually be able to receive the services they need from the VAMC. The millions of mentally ill might actually have money in state budgets to provide safe housing, quality medical care, quality therapeutic services that are not available to them now. The quality of life could be improved for the 99% and not just the 1%.

    It is we, the American People, who have built this country. It is not the politicians. It is we, the American People who have carried our Veterans, our mentally ill, on our backs, and quite frankly, it hurts, literally. Millions of Americans could have jobs. Millions of Americans would no longer be addicted to pharmaceutical medications, (don’t even get me started on the Big Pharm companies). The jails/prisons would have room for rapists, murderers, child molesters, and even greedy politicians.

    Free your mind. Free the plant. The real Tree of Life. I know, after suffering from chronic pain for many years what medication I want to to be able to legally reach for. It certainly isn’t the new compounds that are being produced by Big Pharm. America needs “Big Farms”, not Big Pharm.

    Americans need relief. Americans need jobs. Americans need money in state budgets (and not just to build more bridges for the homeless, mentally ill, and War Veterans to call home). We Americans are disgusted that our tax dollars, the trillions of dollars, that have been spent on the War Against Drugs. Pfft.

    That money should go toward making the lives of the American people more tolerable. We need to be able to heal what ails us, not build more privatised correctional facilities, or cause more harm to our bodies that carrying the great weight of this Country has been placed upon our aching necks, backs, and fractured minds.

    That money should go toward making the lives of the American people more tolerable. We need to be able to heal what ails us, not build more privatised correctional facilities, or cause more harm to our bodies that carrying the great weight of this Country has been placed upon our aching necks, backs, and fractured minds.

    Allow all of us to have a savings account. Allow all of us to own a home. Allow all of us all to be able to calm our frazzled nerves from dealing with the politics and ignorance that run our livesin our jobs, or taking care of our disabled husbands, wives, sons, brothers, mothers. Allow all of us to have proper medical and mental health care. Allow all of us to have the choice of not becoming addicted to Big Pharm. Liberty and justice for all. Not just the 1%. That, my friends, is the REAL American Dream. Share the wealth. Share the health. Give us jobs. Give us all the Choice. Give us all Relief.

    A chronically pained American

    • How can you say Trump is more authentic?! All he does is lie and rip people off!! I’m praying to God that people who think Hillary is a worse candidate then Trump come to their senses soon or this country will burn in WWIII.

  20. We need to legalize this ! I’m for a presedent that for the people , not for political ploys ! Colorado , Washington ,have got it right ,where is common sense at its 2016 and it’s so obvious it’s a cure all plant ! But yit is what it is I guess it just take all weed believers and March to white house and have 420 day till they do pass the bill to legalize it .but until that ever happens weed will always be passed over !!! So will u do it ?

  21. Yep Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein are the only candidates that have publicly stated that Marijuana should be removed from schedule 1. Hillary is using the old catch 21… We can’t legalize it until we have more research, and we can’t get any funding for research until it is removed from that list. There in lies the rub.

  22. News flash Hillary. Instead of doing research to prove benefits, why don’t you produce one study that justifies cannabis prohibition….you can’t because there has never been one. Harry Anslinger said “Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.” He also said “This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.” And who could ever forget this jewel “the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races” And finally “Most marijuana smokers are Negroes, Hispanics, jazz musicians, and entertainers. Their satanic music is driven by marijuana, and marijuana smoking by white women makes them want to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and others. It is a drug that causes insanity, criminality, and death — the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.”
    And then BAM! Cannabis is outlawed and no one EVER questioned it….EVER. That is the real reason Cannabis is illegal and you’re treating the public like fools everytime the word research is brought up. STOP IT ALREADY!

  23. Guys here’s a test… 2 ltrs of johnny black$35×2=70. 70$ of bud is about 7gms now get someone that’s really loud and troublesome, givem the 2 Johnny’s and record the show.. I mean really sit back and enjoy the show… Give 7 grams of bud to the same person and I bet he won’t smoke it all in a day, act all tuff and stupid or make any dumd decisions that would fuk with his high… Cigarettes even worst they’ve killed more people in this lifetime then all world wars…when was the last time a pot head caused mayhem other then his munchys?….

  24. Vote Gary Johnson than he is for legalization and they already have done reasearch on it crime rate has dropped in colorida and its proven have medical benefits hope its legal soon

  25. Look I`m here to keep it simple not too complicated, For one we see all of the Medical benefits that it provides to patients and we haven`t seen any deaths. At the the same time the government is still trying to figure out how to regulate it. I honestly think that for every citizen and medical patient they should be allowed to grow up to 8 plants and possess and purchase up to 4 ounces of marijuana every two weeks. Because if the “stores” that sell the marijuana ever run out the citizens them selves can help provide the “stores” if needed and be compensated a little bit for growing so this way we dont have to have big plantations. In addition I also think we should not charge based on the level of THC because of medical benefits that it can provide patients , I mean what would you say If you knew someone very close to you suffering from cancer and this was the only way to help but they couldn`t AFFORD it I mean that is ridiculous its like were playing GOD because we want extra cash in our pockets. Lastly I say to those people who still dont think marijuana should be legalized , look at all of the research that people have done and look at all of the patients that this PLANT has helped reduce CANCER, SEIZURES & much more , is it really such a bad thing because you promote it with racism and violence I say I dont think that the PLANT told them how to act It was the ignorance of the people and of the time that made them act the way they did so that`s why I support the legalization of marijuana.

  26. I’ve been a stoner since i was twelve, and nothing is wrong with me. if she gets elected and makes it illegal, she will lose all my support. in fact, i would laugh if she got assassinated. it’s helped me getvthrough some really hard times, and helps with my problems. in fact, even if she makes it illegal, imma still smoke. been doing it since before it was legal LOl

    • as long as it stays criminalized on the national level, veterans with ptsd can’t use it for relief. And not just for ptsd, cancer and other maladies included. If they chose to use it anyway, then the VA takes blood and finds thc, they will lose their healthcare.

  27. It should be legal for all medical use and adults it’s so much better than that junk they give you please study up very important

  28. Legalise it, and you get my vote.
    I take meds. That have A lot of side affectsits sad.
    He’ll all the meds. Out that are new even for Ra
    Have side affects that can cause cancer etc. At least this drug would not have side affects and would help thousands of patient.please legalize asap.

  29. Have you done any research into the claims that Hillary would actually oppose Marijuana in order to please her donors and friends? Are we sure she’s a B+ worthy candidate? At least Donald Trump would leave it to the states.

  30. Wikileaks leaked a new set of emails which contains an email where Clinton promised a group of bankers that she would oppose marijuana legalization in every sense. Look it up if you don’t want to believe it. Trust nothing she says.

  31. Amen to Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party! It makes me cringe when I hear my fellow “pro legalization” advocates make the argument for legalization based on the fact that it’s the safer alternative, (though that’s undeniably true). THAT’S NOT THE POINT!!! Even if marijuana was the most deadly, addictive substance known to man, who is Hillary, Trump, or any other scumbag politician to tell me what I can, and cannot put inside MY own body!? THAT’S THE POINT!!!

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