Help a Cancer Patient, Go to Prison For 100 Years

Jul 22, 2008

DEA, dispensaries, Medical Marijuana, victims

The trial of Charles Lynch, originally scheduled to start Tuesday, now is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, July 23. Lynch operated a medical marijuana dispensary in Morro Bay, Calif. -- legal under state law and with permission from the city. But the county sheriff, vehemently opposed to medical marijuana dispensaries, called in the Drug Enforcement Administration, which raided the dispensary and filed drug charges against Lynch.

Check out this Reason TV video for details about the case, including a 17-year-old cancer patient Lynch helped, with his parents' full support. Partly because a few of the dispensary's patients were under 21, Lynch faces a potential 100 years in federal prison. And because this is a federal trial, the jury won't be allowed to hear evidence that the marijuana Lynch provided was for medical purposes.