Gov. Cuomo Attempts to Obstruct the Compassionate Care Act

Jun 17, 2014

Andrew Cuomo,, Compassionate Care Act, New York, NY

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has had three-and-a-half years to weigh in on New York’s medical marijuana legislation. Instead, he first opposed medical marijuana outright. Then, this January, he proposed an unworkable distraction.

Now, with only three days left until the legislature adjourns, the governor is demanding dozens of revisions to the Compassionate Care Act — including at least one poison pill. Please call Gov. Cuomo’s office now at (518) 474-8390 to tell him it’s time to stop stalling. Let him know it’s past time he stand with the 80% of voters who support a compassionate and workable program.

With the clock running out, Cuomo has failed to provide language for his proposed changes, which is necessary for them to be incorporated. In addition, several of his amendments are unreasonable. Gov. Cuomo says he won’t even consider signing a bill unless it:

* Requires doctors to specify dosage -- which would put them in danger under federal law -- and re-issue certifications every 30 days;

* Further restricts qualifying conditions, which are already far more restrictive than most medical marijuana states;

* Prohibits the smoking of medical marijuana; and

* Initially allows only five producers, each of which would have four locations, to serve the state.

Please call Gov. Cuomo today. And, if you haven’t done so yet, please sign our petition to the Senate leaders and Gov. Cuomo.

UPDATE: The New York Senate has introduced the bill with only some of the amendments requested by Gov. Cuomo. Many others were rightly rejected.