Georgia House passes bill allowing in-state cultivation and processing of low-THC cannabis oils

Mar 08, 2019

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If you live in Georgia, click here to voice your support for HB 324 with your state senator.

Rep. Micah Gravley's bill, HB 324, which would allow in-state cultivation, processing, and sale of low-THC oil in Georgia, took major step forward this week when it passed the Georgia House of Representatives on a vote of 123 to 40. If the measure becomes law, the state would provide welcome relief for patients, who today can possess low-THC oil, but are denied any way to access it in-state.

If you support a well-regulated program to cultivate, process, and provide low-THC cannabis products for patients, click here to tell your state senator!

For a summary of many of the bill's provisions, click here. This year's bill follows a legislative study commission's recommendation published in late 2018. That study, now available online, recommended state-licensed producers to cultivate and process cannabis plants into low-THC oil, along with a limited number of retail sales locations.

Please add your voice to the large majority of Georgians who support in-state access. Patients should not have to wonder where their medicine will come from or be exposed to criminal penalties importing low-THC oil from other states. It's time for a better solution.

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