Georgia House Approves Medical Marijuana Improvement Bill

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Both the Georgia House and Senate this year presented bills that would make changes to the state’s low-THC medical marijuana law. The better of the two, House Bill 65, just passed the House by a huge margin of 156-6 in support. The bill is now on its way to the Senate.

House Bill 65 would increase the list of qualifying medical conditions, adding HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, autoimmune disease, peripheral neuropathy, and others, and it would offer basic protections for those patients visiting from out-of-state. Unfortunately for many veterans and others, PTSD was removed from the list while in committee earlier this week.

The Senate’s bill, SB 16, has already passed the Senate. Unfortunately, while it would add autism as a qualifying medical condition, it would lower the total amount of THC allowable in medical marijuana products from 5% to 3%, harming the program for all who participate.

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  1. For those suffering from chronic pain medical marijuana would be a preferable alternative to addictive narcotics presently used. In addition, it would relieve anxiety and agitation occurring with chronic pain.
    I feel that marijuana should be legalized and regulated in much the same way alcohol is. That would provide additional tax revenue and release many minor offenders from prison, minimizing the financial burden from taxpayers

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