Ga. patients: Help push back on ill-conceived measure to import low-THC oil

Mar 25, 2019

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Ga. patients: Help push back on ill-conceived measure to import low-THC oil

If you live in Georgia, click here to call the lieutenant governor right now and tell him Georgia's patients deserve better!


Over the past several days, MPP has learned of an absurd proposal that would require Georgia to import low-THC oil from other states rather than allowing in-state production. This is a seriously flawed solution. Not only would federal law enforcement authorities refuse to authorize such a scheme, no other states allow out-of-state exports. Georgia patients will again be left on their own.

Patients lives are in the balance. Call Lt. Gov. Duncan right now and tell him Georgia should not waste time with unworkable proposals for patients.

It is likely this idea will be considered in committee tomorrow, so it is critical the lieutenant governor hear from you before 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. If you plan to call and you haven't already, don't delay!

Since passage of its low-THC oil program in 2015, patients have technically had permission to possess oil, but it has been illegal for them to obtain it from any source. The state is looking for a solution, and lawmakers are considering measure HB 324, which would create a program similar to 33 other states across the U.S. See our summary here. Ideas like interstate trafficking only serve to undermine realistic proposals like HB 324.

If you haven't called the lt. governor already, please do so now. Follow this link and call today to tell him you won't allow it.

Then, pass this email to friends, family, and other medical cannabis supporters in Georgia.