Florida Medical Marijuana Regulations Bill Signed

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On Friday, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed medical marijuana regulation legislation into law. The legislature passed SB 8A in a special session after the regular session ended without a bill to implement Amendment 2, which legalized medical marijuana and was supported by 71% of voters last year.

The new law outlines licensing for 10 new companies as growers by October, which would increase the statewide total to 17. The law also allows patients, with a doctor’s recommendation, to use medical marijuana in the form of pills, oils, and edibles. Patients may engage in vaping, but unfortunately, the law does ban smoking.

Additionally, the Department of Health is simultaneously working to regulate the amendment. Spokeswoman Mara Gambineri says the department is crafting rules to comply with SB 8A, “which provides a framework for patients to access marijuana safely.”

Amendment 2 gives health officials until July 3 to craft rules to regulate the amendment and until October 3 to implement those rules.

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  1. Will it ever be possible to have insurance companies to pay for medical marijuana prescription appointments ???
    Doctors are charging $150 for an appointment to write a prescription ! I have Medicare and Tricare for Life and my appointments are covered completely if the prescription is for OxyContin! The doctor bills $212 and insurance approves and pays $73.17. So, the doctors are charging double the price ! Isn’t that called price gouging ? And isn’t that illegal ? I honestly do not understand. If somebody can help with an answer, please to me !

    • I went to Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics of Florida and they charge $300!!!! They do not offer payment plans. I’m on disability too and my husband works so I thought I could afford it but of course I can’t. I’ve already paid them $140 and called them to tell them I can’t afford their clinic. I asked if I could get any kind of refund and they weren’t sure bc they had already provided the services. My neurologist is now doing this for much, much cheaper and that’s where I’m going to go.

    • Drs. are allowed to charge what the patient will bear. Need to remove cannabis as a federal schedule One drug and increase competition between physicians. Write your Representatives about change.

  2. The intent of the law is to rob the poor to feed the rich. Between the cost of the cards, retail Marijuana cost and not allowing users to cultivate even a single plant the legislature has simply driven people back to the black market. The cost structure is prohibitive. It a God given medicine that the greedy are now using to fatten their coffers.

  3. David May, Florida Medical Marijuana Law has several problems that need to be resolved and I expect we will see needed changes slowly but we had to start somewhere. Cost is a huge issue and “seed to store” doesn’t encourage a free market approach.

  4. We have a bunch of ignorant assholes that run the state of Florida. They could care less about your health. Their unitary goal is to funnel money into the pockets of the rich and powerful. They will bend Amendment 2 to that end to the greatest extent possible and to a greater extent than is legal, if they can get away with it.

  5. I live in Florida and have just recently received my medical marijuana card. I have fibromyalgia and tremors. I went thru Trulieve on-line here in Florida which directed me to a local neuro-doctor for pre-screening. I never had to pay out of pocket as my deductible has been met for the year. My insurance picked up both visits. My initial evaluation and my follow-up. I think it may be because it was submitted as he was seeing me for my disease and not my treatment plan.

    I hope this helps. I have a whole new quality of life because I have this for inflammation, pain, sleep and tremors.

  6. By what date can I begin getting medical marijuana?
    Are we able to get a card or do we have to pay whatever office fees every time we need a prescription?

  7. The real answer to the mess created by Morgan and Pollara with their inadequate, too-conservative medical marijuana amendment is to get full adult legalization on the ballot for 2018. Go to both regulateflorida.com/petition/petition.pdf and floridafreedomgroup.com/index.php/downloadable-pdfs/rightofadultstocannabis to download both versions of the 2018 amendment for full adult legalization- print, sign and return to the address on each petition.

    Let’s take this out of the politician’s hands and allow full adult access without the restrictions of medical marijuana.

  8. I totally agree with Mr. Kool We need to get it legalized totally in Florida. Even the majority of Police Departments in Florida agree that a legalized Marijuana will cut down on arrests for such a non threatening past time. And the tax revenue will help many local city governments pay for services. Many State Governments have wised up and got on the taxable sales of legal pot. Its far past time that Florida and the rest of the States woke up to this viable revenue stream just waiting to be tapped, and quit busting people for something that is so much safer than legal BOOZE its not funny !!!!

  9. good luck even getting in Florida as when charlottes web passed the state handicapped it to 1000 leaving tens of thousand of kids that could be helped on the waiting list

    • If there are any florida voters looking at this, I suggest a total redo in the next few elections. We have to drain the swamp until the elected officials get the idea that they work for the voters. We need to keep voting and showing them.

  10. I have been acquiring about getting a license for medical marijuana for the last five years been to Tallahassee on numerous occasions still have not received the help I need to obtain medical marijuana license and yes I have invested a lot of money in making it happened

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