Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative Makes the Ballot!

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Monday brought welcoming news to seriously ill patients in Florida: The Florida Supreme Court declared the medical marijuana constitutional initiative fit for November’s ballot! If passed, this initiative will allow individuals with debilitating conditions to use marijuana if their doctor recommends it. Since this initiative would amend the state’s constitution, it needs 60% support to pass. Please make sure you are registered to vote now, so that your voice will count come November.

Last week, the state confirmed that the campaign, United for Care, had submitted enough valid signatures to make the ballot. The only hurdle left before officially making the ballot was surviving the legal challenge brought by Attorney General Pam Bondi. Bondi argued the summary of the measure (which was written by its proponents) didn’t accurately explain what the initiative would do. She also claimed the measure violated Florida’s requirement that ballot questions be limited to a single subject. The Supreme Court, in a 4-3 decision, disagreed.

The Florida Legislature has refused to act on the numerous medical marijuana proposals brought before it by medical marijuana champions. This November, you have the opportunity to bypass the legislature by voting “yes” on medical marijuana, but only if you’re registered to vote. Finally, please be sure to spread the word to your friends and family in Florida.


9 responses to “Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative Makes the Ballot!”

  1. Thank you to all the people who have fought so hard to get this bill on the ballot for 2014. I suffer each day with pain in my neck,my back,my knees,shoulders. I also have trouble sleeping due to the pain. After 16 operations on my body,all the steroid shots both knees replaced five times and the hard core medications I am ready for a change and want to try medical marijuana.

  2. I’d like to second Dennis’ support of the bill as I’ve seen first-hand how affective medical marijuana is as a treatment for many illnesses. Like Dennis, my aunt lives in Florida and could GREATLY benefit from the passing of this bill. Please support it!

  3. I spent almost my entire life in Florida. A few years ago, I moved to Oregon, a medical marijuana state. It’s amazing how much marijuana really helps people. A big thanks to everyone who made this happen so one day my friends and family back in Florida will be able to get their hands on this amazing medication!

  4. Cannabis is a wonder drug!
    No living person can produce scientifically valid evidence that proves cannabis has any deleterious effect on those who choose to consume it for medical , recreational or spiritual properties.
    On the contrary, volumes of scientific evidence exist that undeniably prove the benefits of cannabis are manifold.

    Blinded by Science!
    Eric K. Johnson

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