Florida Legislature Fails to Implement Medical Marijuana Initiative, Leaving it to Health Officials

May 08, 2017 ,

The Florida legislative session ended without a medical marijuana implementation bill being passed. As a result,  state health officials will now have to implement Amendment 2, the initiative approved last November by more than 71% of voters.

According to a report from the News Service of Florida:

A potential deal collapsed Friday evening after the House amended its proposal (HB 1397) to impose a cap of 100 retail outlets for each of the state’s medical marijuana operators, over the objections of some Democrats. The Senate had proposed a cap of 10, at least for now.

The Florida Department of Health now has until next month to issue regulations for implementation of Amendment 2. Unfortunately, the Department of Health’s proposed guidelines, circulated earlier this year, are too restrictive and inconsistent with the overwhelmingly popular amendment. MPP submitted public comments criticizing the Department’s proposed regulations.

If you reside in Florida, please contact the Department of Health’s Office of Compassionate Use and request that regulations be focused on patient access and market accessibility. Specifically, tell the Department of Health to:

  1. Allow physician recommendations without requiring doctors to specify a type or quantity of medical marijuana;
  2. Permit patients to use medical marijuana by smoking, vaping, or consuming edibles; and
  3. Avoid any limitation on the doctor-patient relationship and allow doctors to recommend after a reasonable assessment.

2 responses to “Florida Legislature Fails to Implement Medical Marijuana Initiative, Leaving it to Health Officials”

  1. I am so MAD !!! I have emailed my senator, representative and the freakin Governor. Amendment 2 was passed with ya’ll know how much percentage, if ya forgot yes it was 71.something%, this means its law, our peps in Tallahassee knew this and they end up waiting till the last nite to possibly vote and it doesn’t even make it to a darn vote!!! All because the can’t come together on a number of stores per licenses, they should have said something 5,10, a 100 something so they could vote, but NO. Now we have to let a bunch of non elected persons throw something out there and it won’t even be close to the Amendment which is suppose to be law!!! I don’t have any of the 10 aliments listed but I take meds that equal to what several doctors have told me that a terminally ill patient with cancer would be taking. That means chronic pain from a car wreck 40 years ago, caused broke back and paraylized left leg. With the words in Amendment 2 I was in like FLint, and so happy, ready to smoke medical weed and eventually get off all opiods etc. BUT no the stinking Congress screwed me without a kiss, I am so angry I could bust this laptop over somebody’s head if they were here!!!

  2. My son has Fibromyalgia and has been under care for 5 years. The only treatment is Oxy is is addictive and brings with it a terrible let down. Please allow marijuana products to be prescribed by his doctor and get him off Oxy. It must accessible and inexpensive.

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