Florida House approves THC cap for patients under 21 years old

Mar 09, 2020

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Florida House approves THC cap for patients under 21 years old

Ask your lawmakers to reject the THC cap amendment to HB 713!

On Thursday, March 5, the Florida House approved a 10 percent THC cap on medical cannabis for patients under 21 years old. The cap was submitted as an amendment to HB 713, which is a larger healthcare package.

This THC limit would leave younger patients behind who respond best to medical cannabis with higher proportions of THC. Please take a minute to ask your lawmakers to reject this amendment!

THC has proven medical benefits, including relieving nausea and appetite loss. Patients who benefit from strains of cannabis that have more than 10% THC deserve legal access to the medical cannabis they need to treat their conditions.

Patients and their allies in Florida have fought for years to establish a comprehensive system to create safe access to medical cannabis. This bill would roll back progress that has been made and is an affront to the 71% of Florida voters who enacted the state’s medical cannabis law.

Ask your lawmakers to stand with patients across the Sunshine State and reject the THC cap! Please forward this message to your friends and family in Florida and encourage them to do the same.