Florida Accepting Medical Marijuana Business Applications

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The Florida Department of Health has proposed regulations to establish the procedure to apply for Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) licenses and to outline the evaluation process for applicants. The application is posted on the Office of Compassionate Use website, and applicants may begin completing applications for submission.

In order to become a licensed MMTC, each applicant is required to submit financial statements and to pass a background check. The law regulating Amendment 2 provides for 10 new licenses to be granted to growers in the state in addition to the seven that already exist and would require another four licenses to be issued for every 100,000 patients added to the state’s medical marijuana registry.

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  1. As a lifelong advocate of mind/body lifestyle, I am interested in pursing the medical marijuana avenue for helping people overcome addictions, anxiety, panic disorder, seizures, etc. I hold the credentials in this field and wish to open a clinic.

  2. Okay, my WTF topic today is my Florida Government.

    I applied for and was approved for a medical cannabis card. I received this email:

    Friday, December 1, 2017

    ***** ********
    SEBRING, FL 33***

    You have been approved for a Compassionate Use Registry Patient/Legal Representative Identification Card and your card is currently being printed and processed by the Florida Department of Health. This email serves as a temporary verification which may be printed and used, with a photo ID, to obtain medical cannabis, low-THC cannabis, or cannabis delivery device until you receive your Compassionate Use Registry identification card.

    Your Card Id is:************

    Your Card is valid from 12/1/2017 to 12/1/2018

    If you have any further questions about your Compassionate Use Registry identification card, please contact the Office of Compassionate Use at (850) 245-4657.

    Please log in to the site here: https://curegistry.flhealth.gov/.

    Office of Compassionate Use
    Florida Department of Health

    So I try to order some of this medical cannabis, and F*ck, I need a patient number. My Card ID is apparently not my my patient ID because it is not taking it. You would f*&cking expect someone to put, in this email, what I need to do to order this sh*t. Oh no, that would be way too effing easy. Of course it is X-mas and I will have to wait until tomorrow to call someone. Talk about not wanting people to get the sh*t 70% of us voted for. I hate them. I really do.

    I live miles from the nearest cannabis shop, like 80 miles or so. So since I can’t drive myself that far, my poor, over worked husband will probably have to take me. They say they deliver, but I might have to be driven to a place first. Now they do have my picture on file, and they could just deliver and verify by that picture it is me, but bet you my a$$ I will have to go to them. F*&ck, F*&ck them all.

    Now I feel a bit better. Till the next topic.

    P.S. as of December 25, 2017 I still do not have my card, just this stupid, uninformative email. I hate them all.

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